When finding a dog walker on Tailster we always advise you to meet up before you commit to booking through the site - this is a great way to see whether the walker is right for you and your dog and, to discuss extra detail about what you really need. The 'interview' process is one of the most important steps to take when hiring a dog walker, after all you're searching for a reliable individual who is able to take care of your four legged friend. But what should you ask them? Well, here are a few questions to keep in mind when interviewing a dog walker.


Have you done this before?

While you are probably already familiar with the experience of your dog walker, this question is a must-ask. Based on the confidence in their response you should also be able to determine their trustworthiness and honesty.

Are you familiar with the dog parks in the area?

While this is not a qualifying factor for your final choice, having someone that is familiar with the dog friendly areas in your neighbourhood is always the better option. Make sure to ask them whether or not they know some good places they plan to hang out with your dog and in turn, tell them where you usually like to go. Don't forget, with a Tailster dog walker they can access our GPS tracked walks so you can see exactly where your dog has been for its walk with a start and end time, recorded distance and also a date stamp!

What else do you do on a walk?

Dog walking is not just walking and the amount of exercise will vary depending on whether you decide to go for solo or group walks. Most dogs need regular exercise, which they often do via playtime activities so group walks may wear them out enough and they will not need a tennis ball to be thrown! If you decide to go with a solo walk then find out how the walker intends to give your pet the exercise it needs.

How much do you know about (insert-dog-breed-here)?

A dog walker is not required to be a complete dog expert - there's a lot of breeds out there. Nevertheless, having a dog lover that understands a different behaviours and is keen to learn then it's always a positive. Ask them what and how much they know about the breed of your dog during the interview.

Do you have any references?

Don't forget that an experienced candidate will always have some happy clients t call and if they've had bookings through Tailster they may have reviews you'll be able view on their profile. Ask them for contacts of past clients that can help you to make your final choice.

If you need any help finding the perfect carer for your pet, make a request below. It’s free and it only takes 30 seconds - let’s see who we can find for you.