How do you find the perfect candidate for this job? Here are a list of things you might want to look for when you start chatting with carers that have quoted on your listing.


If previous experience and reviews/references are important factors for you maybe you should ask how much experience they have as a dog sitter. As well as asking about experience you can also ask whether they have a criminal record check (CRB/DBS), reviews from previous clients or references from employers, clients, etc. If they don’t have any of these then you’re within your right to request that they have them before you make your decision.

After every booking your carer has had through Tailster that client will have been asked to leave them a review, so most of the time there will be a couple of reviews there for you to consider.


Qualifications as a dog sitter

You might want a dog sitter with a professional status or pet care qualifications. On Tailster we have carers with all sorts of levels of experience and qualification. If you’re looking for someone with pet care certificates then they will be highlighted as a ‘certified professional’. This will allow you to filter out the professionals if this will help you in making a decision.



First impressions often count enormously and although this probably shouldn’t be a definite dealbreaker, you want to find someone that comes across as passionate from the very start. When carers send you a quote they have the ability to send you a message alongside it. The majority of the time those carers that send you an enthusiastic and friendly message are usually just as enthusiastic throughout the whole process.


We want you to find a reliable dog sitter through Tailster that you feel like you can call on again and again to care for your dog whilst you're away. Again, first impressions count for quite a lot. If you've arranged to meet with someone and they turn up late or have to rearrange at late notice then this probably won't fill you with much confidence for the future. If you are left with a few people to choose from we would suggest picking the most reliable as they aren't likely to let you down like the person who has turned up late to the first meeting.


It’s always good to find a dog sitter that has been recommended by a friend or family member. If you have had a Tailster carer recommended to you by someone you know and you want to get hold of them to see if they’d be available to help you, we can help you get in touch! We can help you send a Direct Quote Request to them so you can cut out receiving quotes from other carers and just receive one from your recommended carer instead.


Knowledge of the breed

Do the carers you’re chatting with have knowledge of the breed that you have? Although this isn’t essential, it might be worth checking whether they’ve cared for the same or similar breeds previously. This will give you an idea of whether they are familiar with the temperament and needs of your dog and breeds like him.

Does your dog approve?

Having a meet and greet is a great way of deciding whether you feel comfortable with a carer and maybe more importantly, whether your dog seems to take to them and feel comfortable. You want to be happy in the knowledge that you’re leaving your pooch happy and content with his new friend. After all, if your dog is happy, then you are happy, right?