We can hardly walk 10 steps down the street before stopping to say 'hello' to a dog - we just can't help ourselves!

It seems like wherever we go, no matter how rushed we are, we always seem to bump into a couple of pups along the way that are just waiting for us to get down and give them some good old TLC.

Some may think we're a little odd, but it seems that Prince Harry is just the same...

Whilst spending the day in his namesake county of Sussex, Prince Harry couldn't help but stop and say 'Hi' to this adorable dog who came out to greet the Royals!

Accompanied by wife Meghan Markle, the Prince was seen to make a beeline for the dog, who was sat right by the barriers, waiting for the royals to pass by

© Getty Images

The adorable Golden Retriever looked visibly tired, evidently having been kept waiting for a long while whilst the newlyweds explored at their leisure.

It all seemed to be worth it in the end, however, as the Prince eventually approached the dog and gave him all of the love that he wanted.

© Getty Images

Getting up close and personal with the pooch, both Harry and the dog were visibly overcome with joy, proving just how much of an effect a dog can truly have on us.

We don't know about you, but we wish someone would look at us the way that Harry's looking at that dog!

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