Our Top Tips For Raising An Indoor Kitten

Deciding Whether Your Cat Should Remain Indoors Or Be Free To Roam 

This is one of the most difficult decisions many new kitten owners face. Whilst cats enjoy both the indoors and outdoors, the final decision you take will have a long-lasting impact upon your cat’s lifestyle. Some breeds are more inclined to have predatory instincts meaning they may be more suited to the outdoors.

This is generally applicable to larger breeds such as the Maine Coon, whereas Ragdolls are happy to stay indoors and laze about. However, no matter the breed of your new cat, you can choose whether your cat will have an indoor or outdoor lifestyle. Whilst there are benefits for both options, we’re here to speak about how to bring your kitten up in an indoors environment.

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The Benefits Of Bringing Your Cat Up Indoors

The risks of the great outdoors have significantly increased over the years. Devastatingly, around 250,000 cats are hit by cars each year, more often than not resulting in death of a loved pet. Choosing to keep your cat indoors minimises the likeliness of a road accident. And, the benefits don’t stop there:

  • Indoor cats are less likely to contract fleas, worms, and tics, which can cause allergies, anemia, and general discomfort
  • Cats are also less susceptible to contracting more serious diseases such as rabies if kept indoors, which can be deadly if left untreated
  • Your cat’s whereabouts will always be known
  • An indoor cat is not going to be threatened by other animals or predators, which can cause serious injuries
  • Cats can be unintentionally poisoned by traps or could be physically hurt if they are trapped in barbed wire, for example
  • A longer lifespan – indoor cats can sometimes live up to 6 times longer than an outdoor cat, even reaching up to 30 years old!
  • Your cat is not at risk of being impregnated unwillingly if not spayed

Though you may be doubting your decision to raise your new kitty indoors, cats can have a very rewarding lifestyle if the right steps are followed.

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Bringing Up A Happy Kitten

Whilst there are no wrongs or rights, there are certainly a number of things to consider to help both yourself and your cat along the way. To ensure your new pet has an enriched indoor environment, cats are easily pleased and by a few things around your home. You can ensure your cat feels truly at home too by providing:

  • Plenty of sleeping spots – cats enjoy different areas they can retreat to for a snooze, provide plenty of spots for afternoon sleepy time
  • An area for scratching – cats get stressed easily if they are unable to scratch and if a scratch post or tree is not provided, your furniture could end up worse for wear
  • Plenty of toys – if your cat is remaining indoors, it’s crucial to ensure there are plenty of toys to keep them entertained, since they won’t have access to a natural play environment
  • Make sure your cat has access to a litter tray or two – if you have a larger house – to avoid any accidents

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Remember To Microchip!

Although you might assume there is zero chance of your kitten heading outdoors anytime soon, it’s always sensible to microchip your pet. Cats are acrobatic creatures and have been known to sneak out of their homes in true ninja style. Therefore take your kitty to a vets early on and make sure that you’re safe rather than sorry!

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Cats can be incredibly loving and rewarding creatures if brought up well from an early age. Deciding whether to keep your kitten as an indoor or outdoor cat is just the first step. Remember to follow the steps above, no matter your cat’s lifestyle, to ensure your moggy is a happy chappy… or lady!

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