Meet Picasso - The Rescue Dog With A Unique Face

We think this chap, Picasso is a work of art.

Pablo and Picasso are brothers who were born to a backyard breeder. Pablo and the rest of the litter were sold off quickly to various families, but it seems no one wanted Picasso purely because of the way his face looked.

Image - Luvable Dog Rescue

Picasso's upper jaw twists sharply to the right, making his nose point off to the side as well. Because of the misalignment of his jaw, some of his teeth are gouging into the roof of his mouth, and it takes him a little more effort to eat than most dogs. But other than this, he's completely healthy.

When the breeder was unable to sell Picasso, she sent him to the Porterville Animal Shelter in California who quickly prepared to have him put down. He was quickly joined by his brother Pablo who was given up by the family who bought him - both brothers ending up on the same list.

Coming to the rescue however, Luvable Dog Rescue, based in Oregon who when they found out the two brothers on the list. When they were sent Picasso's photo, they knew they had to try and stop him from being put down. When they found out his brother was also on the list, they decided to take him in as well.


Source - Luvable Dog Rescue

Having rescued the two, Luvable Dog Rescue have decided they want to find someone who will adopt both of them together. The rescue is raising money to undergo surgery so that Picasso's teeth do not continue to push into the roof of the mouth, and once they are done - they are looking for a family to take both. Having garnered a lot of social media coverage and press, they aren't short of takers but want to make sure they choose the best possible match.


At team Tailster, we love to hear stories about amazing dogs that have to overcome all sorts of troubles. We're super glad that Luvable have taken the two dogs on, and are confident that Picasso will find the perfect forever home very soon, after that trip to the dentist!

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