Tailster Pet Spotlight: Meet Amelia!

Name: Amelia
Job Title: Chief Food Tester
Age: 1 year and 6 days
Breed: Huskador - Husky X Labrador Retriever


Amelia doing a Sploot.

The fun bits

Likes: Belly rubs, food, sploots and attention. She loves belly rubs and has since she was a small puppy, literally exposing her belly to anyone who shows even a slight amount of attention. Food is also another love - but she is also a very fussy eater.. if its human food she will eat it without question. Attention is another big one, be it the attention of humans or other dogs. She LOVES other dogs!

Dislikes: Baths. All you have to say is "bath time" and she disappears. She has to have a bath though much to her annoyance! Once she's in the bath she enjoys herself. Strange.

Amelia's Story

Amelia joined my life at 8 weeks old and was from an accidental litter of a friend's. I still remember walking into the kitchen and seeing this little thing jump at me and wanting me to pick her up, I fell in love instantly and needed her in my life. When she was 8 months old someone stole her from my mothers garden while she was looking after her, after nearly 3 and half weeks and a vast social media campaign - she was found nearly an hour and a half away in a totally different part of the Midlands! The police are still dealing with the crime but the motive was suspected breeding - A fate I feared and didn't want her to face. Thousands of people were over the moon when she returned home and as a result, she is a small social media star in Birmingham with people still in shock when they meet her when I return home. Now she's back she is ready to change the pet care industry with her dad by her side and comes to the office nearly every day - for both play fights with Bradley and hugs from other Tailster staff!

Nap time! Sleep is really important.

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