Japanese Dog Groomer Goes Viral With ‘Ball Of Fluff’ Teacup Poodle

A Japanese dog groomer has gone viral on social media after sculpting her canine client into the perfect circle!

Yoriko Hamachiyo posted several pictures of Seasame, the Teacup Poodle, on her Instagram account shortly after the pup’s appointment at her grooming salon. But, rather than the sleek style that one might expect, the dog had in fact been transformed into a massive ball of fluff!

No, really, we’re obsessed…

Have you ever seen anything so cute?

We don’t know what’s more impressive – the skill of the groomer, or the fact that Sesame actually looks so good?! He’s really rocking it!

The images of Sesame have so far gathered over 5,000 likes, whilst the video she posted has been viewed over 60,000 times. Talk about rags to riches, he went into the salon a nobody and came out a star! A bit of hair and makeup really does go a long way…

If we get anything less the next time we go to the hairdresser, we’ll be disappointed.

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