How Often Should I Bath My Dog?

We all like to believe that our dog is the best around, and we defy anyone convince us otherwise. We’re constantly cuddling them, rewarding them with treats, and giving them endless amounts of love – we just can’t get enough of them (and they’re not complaining either…).

Because we love them so much, there’s a constant urge to take them to the groomers for a decent cut and blow dry. However, times are hard and money’s tight, so often we have to much in and do the bathing ourselves – and that’s not a bad thing!

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Here’s our guide to how often you should bath your dog:

What Type Of Dog Are They?

This is probably the main deciding factor, and will largely determine how often you should bath your dog.

Different breeds have different fur types, meaning that some will need more regular ‘deeper cleaning’ than those with shorter coats. Pugs and Frenchies, for example, will typically need less grooming than Cockapoos, purely because they have shorter fur.

Similarly, size matters, and trying to squeeze your Alsatian into the bath is probably going to end in disaster. For bigger dogs, you’ll want to rely on a professional groomer 99% of the time (and probably the hose pipe in the garden for the rest…).

What’s Their Lifestyle Like?

Lifestyle is also a major factor, and will have a significant impact on the amount of baths that your dog requires.

If your dog stays at home while you work, and only takes short walks in a residential area, they’re likely to need few baths between grooming sessions. If your dog is active, however, and spends a lot of time outdoors, they’re likely to get dirtier.

It’s best to take it as it comes, as our lives are often unpredictable and our routines change often. But, if they’re been out and getting mucky, it’s probably best to bath them.

What About Their Skin?

Many owners worry that bathing their dog too much will dry out their skin. However, this is not the case.

What is important is that you use the right kind of shampoo. Dogs have more sensitive skin to humans, so emptying an entire bottle of Head & Shoulders onto them is going to do no good whatsoever!

There are a range of specialist dog shampoos available that you should use instead. And, always do a patch test – at least then you know they’ll have no irritation.

Do They Enjoy Bath Time?

If your dog needs to be bathed, of course you should do it – no one wants a stinky dog!

But, if it’s you who wants to bath them, and they’re fine and don’t particularly like bath time, it’s best to hold off and wait until necessary.

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If a dog doesn’t like to be bathed and they’re forced into it often, they’ll eventually become resentful and anxious. Read their body language and do what’s best for them!

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