Just like dogs, cats beg for food too, and, although their tactics may be less obvious, this can still escalate into an annoying habit. Therefore, it's important that you put an end to it ASAP.

How To Get Started

So, your cat has a habit of begging for food? You're probably wondering how on earth you can stop it. Whilst it's cute at times, it can grow into an annoying habit that can also upset their stomach - especially if they're given human food!

Deciding to tackle a pet's bad habit requires persistence and patience, even more with cats as they're naturally not as obedient as dogs. However, they can still be trained...

If you allow your cat's habit to worsen, they can even end up using their agile abilities to jump on counter tops, where they'll be chomping on your food behind your back! So, the key to getting started is to tell yourself you're dedicated to helping your feline stop their bad begging habit!

Recognising A Cat's Subtle Way Of Begging

As much as cats are adorable, they can also be cunning creatures at times, especially when there's food is in sight. Felines will use a range of tactics when attempting to swipe food from your plate; usually in the form of purring, kneading and meowing. They will attempt to make you feel sorry for them, which more often than not works very well!

How to tackle the bad habit

  • Do not respond to your cat's meows, purrs or kneading. Whilst it's hard to do, this is the most important step - don't give in!
  • Establish a feeding routine, especially for indoor cats, and make sure you feed your cat at the same time everyday. This should ideally be at the same time that you eat your meals.
  • If your cat has a habit of climbing on the table while you're eating, place the cat down and firmly say "no" each time.
  • Consider playing with your cat before you eat to help them release energy, then schedule their feeding time for afterwards. This will most likely result in a lengthy cat-nap!

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