The funniest dogs with RDF - Resting "Doofus" Face

We’ve all heard of the term “RBF” or.. “Resting b**ch face” to describe the humans among us that look generally miserable/unhappy about EVERYTHING. But here at Tailster we would like to celebrate the up and coming trend of RDF. Resting Doofus Face.

After some research on the interweb we have compiled a list of our ultimate favourites.

You will absolutely NOT be disappointed...

10. The Fiberian Hufky.

09. The Bassett food catcher.

08. The pre-sneeze Great Dane doofus! (a personal fave.)

07. The elderly but not-so-graceful yet beautiful Italian Greyhound blep.

06. PUG EYES. One eye on the treats, one eye on the streets.

05. When you wake up thinking it’s Friday but realise it’s actually Thursday = Frenchie Doofus.

04. When you wake up from a nap to the rustling of a food bag doofus (typical lab!)

03. Staffie’s have a bad rep as a breed and we can’t figure out why - their goofy smiles are our favourite!!

02. The RDF of pure concentration… So. So. pure.

1. Our utmost heart melting favourite has to go to Marnie.. She’s an internet sensation in her own right and is absolutely Queen of Derp. Someone give the little lady a crown!Image result for marnie the dog

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