Funniest Dog Confessions

Here at Tailster we're always looking for the funniest content. Finding funny dog videos, memes and pictures is what life is all about. We're constantly laughing at them in the office!

We've decided, after the success of a funny dog confession on FB to compile our most favourite.

1. This one confuses me, why?


2. Luckily for him, he's so damn cute! 

3. Ok. This one isn't so bad. This dog deserves a medal. 


4. Another clever pup. I don't think his owners are even mad.


5. We've all been there, maybe he just really likes that spot? 


6. They aren't that important right? 

7. That face. No regrets. Whatsoever. 

8. The crime duo of the century. 

9. In other news, biggest regret of the century :( 


10. Shaming both human and dog at once! I wonder if it tasted good?


11. If you can't sleep, it's got to go!


12. Another pee situation. What is with dog's and peeing on each other? 

13. Number #203 on why you should just stop working. 

14. Burping doesn't mean you're not a princess...

15. This dog would be totally fine in prison.


16. Vaseline.. is tasty? I think.


17. That's one way to tell everyone you have a dog at home, right? 

18. Pee. Dog's peeing is pretty common on this list.


19. But the animals on TV are in the HOUSE!


20. But are they tasty? That's an important Q. 


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