We've all heard of Flying Ants and Flying Squirrels but Flying Collies...?


This amazing bunch of Border Collies showcased their flying abilities at a flying disc challenge in Piverone, Italy, along with their owner Claudio Piccoli, an Engineer and Freelance Photographer.

Flying dog

The border collies that are aged between three and six years old, were taking part in the ‘freestyle’ and ‘distance’ portions of the Disc Dog Race competition whilst their owner positioned himself in the field to take these outstanding photos.


According to Mr Piccoli, each dog has a different jumping style and with a look of pure excitement and concentration on their faces it's hard not to smile at each picture. He says, 'During the distance portion of the competition some dogs jump to catch the disc and others run, crossing the trajectory of the disc launched by their owners.

'Some border collies jump more than 6ft high using their legs to generate a lot of power.

'At times it seemed the dog had lost the disc but in a magical second the dog will catch it.

'I don’t know how they succeed but they are real athletes.'

Flying dog1

The Collies throw themselves down the field before leaping up to heights of around 6ft in the air to try and grab the frisbee - sometimes they misjudge the throw and jump too high, helpless in the air as the frisbee escapes.

flying dog2

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