Finding the Purrfect Cat Sitter on Tailster

Since we launched our Tailster cat sitting service in January 2016, we’ve had a lot of demand from owners – and have had many wonderful, experienced cat carers join the site. We understand finding a cat sitter can be a very different experience to finding a dog walker so, how do you go about finding the right sitter for your cat?

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Since cats are often highly territorial, they are usually more comfortable staying in their home environment whilst their owners are away. Many find the experience of being put in a cattery an uncomfortable one, far removed from the home they are used to. Because of this, the vast majority of our cat sitting bookings involve a sitter coming to visit your cat at home.

Here are some details you might like to consider that will help you find the perfect sitter for your cat:

  • An attention-seeking Burmese might need more, and longer visits than a timid cat who hides under the bed at the first sighting of a stranger. Most owners opt for 1 or 2 visits per day, and may use a timed feeder to provide additional food between visits.
  • Let carers know what you expect from a visit. Some owners will just want someone to pop in, give their cat fresh food and water, and clean the litter tray – but someone with a playful, sociable cat might want someone to spend more time with them. Also, think about whether you want the carer to do anything else when they visit, like watering your plants.
  • Does your cat have any allergies or a special diet? Do they have a medical condition which requires attention? We have specialist carers on the site who are certified in administering medicine, including veterinary nurses.
  • Is your cat an indoor cat or do they have access to the outdoors?
  • Some owners would prefer a sitter who stays overnight and house sits as well. Let carers know if this is what you are looking for, so that they can quote appropriately.
  • A number of our pet carers offer boarding for cats. Whilst this is a much rarer occurrence, it is possible, so make sure you pop that in your description if it’s a requirement you have.

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We always recommend meeting up with a potential pet sitter to make sure that both you and your cat are comfortable prior to booking. If your cat will be staying with the carer, visit their home to ensure it is suitable for your cat. It is useful to run through any routines with your sitter, show them how to use the keys and entry systems, and to exchange important information such as your emergency contact and your cats vet.

To find your perfect cat sitter, just fill out the request below – it’s free and it only takes 30 seconds.
Once booked, our insurance is in place, and your carer can use the Tailster app to show you what your cat gets up to when you are away!

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