Felines around the world are jealous of this rescue cat's homemade houses

This may well possibly be the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

In 2011, little Tisoy was found as a stray and taken to Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group.

Tisoy is a beautiful ginger cat and whilst the practice were helping to re-home him, staff fell head over heels for him and decided to keep him as the first (and only) resident cat of the clinic in Singapore.

Tisoy soon made himself at home. The vets did their best to make him comfortable by providing two soft beds, towels and blankets for him to sleep on. But good old Tisoy was not happy with these at all! So they introduced the legendary…. Cardboard box. And, you guessed it, he LOVED it.

The clinic decided that Tisoy deserved the best of the best, and a plain old box just wouldn’t suffice. So they got to work in creating him his very own one-of-a-kind home. Tisoy was ecstatic and quickly learned how to open the door, and enjoyed peeking through the windows!

Tisoy has now learnt that if the staff knock on his front door and he opens it with his paw, he earns a treat! How cute is that?!

The staff thought that his home was such a hit, he now has his very own collection. A tiny cat village, if you will. This includes a mini sushi shop, an igloo, chinese temple and a little replica of the vets practice!

If Tisoy gets bored of these houses, he can always drive around in his ambulance OR be a dinosaur

Tisoy has big dreams and has also been to space…

Photo: Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group

We’re so glad Tisoy has found his forever home in such a loving environment!

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