How to End Each Booking Successfully

A family coming home to a happy pet is one of the most important parts of a pet care booking. This not only means the pet owners will appreciate everything you have done for them and their pet but you're more likely to get reviews and to be recommended to friends and family. Which means, more bookings! We've got a few tips for you on how you can end each booking successfully and hopefully win those future bookings.

Give them a little brush down

Whether they've been groomed every day or spent the days running around in muddy fields, you want each pet to look and smell wonderful for the owners return. Depending on the breed and of course the pet, give them a little bath or a good groom to make them look presentable. This would be a well appreciated surprise for the owner. A well groomed pet can go a long way!

Run the hoover round and plump up the sofa

If you've been staying in the owners home then you would need to make sure it's as tidy as it was when they left, run the hoover round and plump up those sofa cushions - don't forget to wash up any dishes you've used too. If you've just been popping in to feed their cat or let their dog out then still make sure the house is looking presentable. Wash up any dishes or cutlery you may have used for cat food or take the bin bag out if you've been putting the cat litter in it. Coming home to a tidy house can put a smile on any pet owners face.

Get their things ready and ask for a review!

If you've been boarding a dog they may have come with numerous items - their favourite toy, their 2nd favourite toy, their bed, blankets and so on. Once a time has been arranged for collection or drop off it would be a good idea to get all their stuff together. Packing it up in a convenient package will make it easy to hand over to the owner and making the pick up/drop off a lot less stressful. Pop a little note in the bag or on the kitchen counter as a reminder for the owner to leave a review on the Tailster site to help you win more bookings. Why not give them your Tailster Me link so they can easily book you again in the future!

Give your new four-legged friend a gift

Send your new friend home or leave them with a little gift, whether it's a little bag of treats or a small toy. This doesn't have to be anything extravagant but can really show the owner that you enjoyed looking after their pet - another reason why they would book you again in the future.

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