“Don’t Mind Me”: Cat Goes Viral For Poking Head Through Ceiling

Rightly or wrongly, cats are renowned for being fiercely independent creatures, flitting around the place as and when they like. They’re also sneaky little things, and often you won’t even notice they’re there…

That was the plan for one cat, whose unfortunate attempts at discretion sadly didn’t quite cut it…

The cat, who in Australia, resides somewhere close to the Animal Welfare League shop where the event occurred. Emma Campbell, who took to Twitter to share her photos, said that the store doesn’t know much about the cat, but that they leave out food for it every night before they close for the evening.

And then this happened…

Neither we, nor Emma, nor the people at the Animal Welfare League have any idea how the poor cat managed to get his head stuck in the ceiling, nor how he ended up getting up there in the first place (although they are quite expert at that).

We like to imagine that he could hear voices and wanted to have a little snoop… then BAM! Head through the ceiling! Well, it’s happened to the best of us, right?!

As unfortunate as it is, the cat did get some comeuppance, as they shot to fame on social media. Emma’s post quickly gained momentum, and now had over 90k likes and 25k retweets.

IMG 8562

They say any publicity is good publicity, and we think it was definitely worth this cat’s while to get his head stuck in the ceiling. In fact, if that’s all it takes then we’ll do the same!

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