We help small animals find a pet carer too!

Tailster likes to cater to all your animals needs – and we are not just talking about dogs and cats! We now have a small animal care category too. If you have lizards, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, tortoises… or any other small animal requiring care while you go away, then Tailster may be the perfect solution for you.

It is always quite daunting when you have a trip creeping up and you haven’t managed to find someone to take care of your pet. However, we have found that there is a huge demand for owners wanting their small animals to be taken care of, as well as carers who will be more than happy to look after your tiny furry friends for you.

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At Tailster, we understand that not everyone can take care of a dog or a cat in their home. Others may not have experience with these animals but may have grown up with small animals their whole life. Adding this feature has been a great alternative and has reached out to plenty more people across the country. Carers from all over the U.K want to take care of our small pets – and who can blame them?

A Tailster pet carer, taking care of your small animal, works just the same as a pet carer taking care of a cat or a dog. You will receive daily updates, through pictures, directly to your inbox from our app so you can see exactly how your pet is doing. We also have ‘Photo Pupdates’ so the carer can upload pictures of all the adventures your pet gets up to whilst you’re away. These photo notifications will be sent to your email and be visible on your photo gallery on our site!

If you are a Tailster carer and want to take care of small pets too, what you need to do is edit your profile by clicking on the ‘Complete my dog walker/sitter profile’ button on the dashboard. Press next until you get to the services page where you set your original prices, and you can select if you can look after other animals.

Before you offer this service, make sure that you are able to provide small animal boarding facilities as well as being able to meet the needs of the small animal. Some may require a large garden for a hutch or a run while others may demand a quiet space, away from noisy or busy rooms. If you are an owner of a small animal, we urge to you to meet and greet any potential carers at their home to make sure that it is a suitable option for your pet.

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