Police Rescue Dogs From Car In 30C Heat

In the midst of the heatwave currently sweeping the UK, police officers were forced to break into a ‘blazing hot’ car to rescue two dogs, after onlookers reported that they had been trapped in the vehicle for 30 minutes.

North Yorkshire Police were called out to York Hospital on June 25 after receiving reports of two Labradors locked inside a vehicle on a nearby car park. The RSPCA are now looking to prosecute the owner, as officers said that they could feel the heat coming from the car as they performed the rescue.

Speaking of how they ‘struggled to breathe’ when inside the car for just 30 seconds, officers were forced to smash the car’s window in order to remove the visibly distressed dogs to safety.

The dogs were subsequently taken to vets for treatment, and remain in the care of the RSPCA.

In a statement, the charity said:

“We were called to York Hospital car park yesterday afternoon to reports of two dogs left inside a stationary car. 

When we arrived police had already removed two Labradors from the vehicle.

An investigation has been launched so we cannot comment any further at this time.”

Thankfully, the two Labradors are now in good health and there don’t appear to be any lasting effects on the dogs.

With temperatures set to reach 33 degrees, authorities are stressing more than ever that pet owners should in no circumstances leave their pets inside cars. If you’re travelling with your pets, it’s important that you ensure the car is well ventilated, and that you stop regularly and allow them to exercise and rehydrate.

If you do see an animal locked inside a hot car, here’s what we advise you to do:

Tailster dog in a hot car advice infographic

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