We’re a curious bunch here at Tailster HQ. A few months ago we set up the Tailster Pet Panel so we could ask the UK’s pet-fanatics our burning questions. We thought we’d go back to our roots and unpack some dog walking niggles we had. After sifting through a whopping 2,200 responses, we found some pretty interesting results! So, without further ado... Feast your eyes on our top three revelations from our dog walking survey.

Did-you-know #1

One of our biggest ponderings was what full-time workers do with their pups during the day. Do the dogs go to work with them, or do they arrange a dog walker to come in and give them a good run and chin scratch?

Well, 32% of people who took our dog walking survey work full-time with less than 15% working from home with their canine friends. When we asked what their dogs do whilst they’re working to keep the treats in full supply, 33% of the Pet Panellists revealed their pooches stay at home by themselves.

22% of people arrange for someone to pop home at lunchtime, but only 13% of respondents use a dog walker or doggy daycare. A lucky 8% shared that they can take their furry friend to work with them – what’s better than a dog-friendly office?

We do feel for the pups left at home for a full day’s work. If you think your dog could do with some company, why not get in touch and see what we could rustle up for you? Long, short, muddy or dry – you set the requirements, and we’ll find your perfect match.

Go on, give us a try – your dog will thank you!

Did-you-know #2

Leaving your dog in the care of somebody else can be an unsettling thought for dog owners. We wanted to get to the bottom of what most pet parents worried about when leaving their beloved canine with a dog walker.

36% of our dog owners claimed that they don’t like the idea of their dogs walking with other dogs they don’t know. One misconception that we’re very familiar with over at Tailster is the picture of a hassled dog walker with 14 tangled pups on leads.

This is very much a thing of the past – most councils now have a limit of four dogs per person on a walk. We agree with this so wholeheartedly that we will only insure four dogs per Tailster dog walk. You can even ask your walker to take your pooch on a solo walk if that’s what you’d prefer. Your dog, your rules.

28% of people shared that they don’t trust anyone else with their hounds. This is understandable – trusting someone with your furry family is a big step. That’s why we always encourage a meet and greet so you can be 100% sure you – and your dog – approve of the new walker. Whether it’s love at first sight or you need to meet a few times to be sure, our walkers are dog lovers by nature and always go above and beyond to make sure everyone’s comfortable.

10% of our dog walking survey participants had a touch of the green-eyed monster to their answer as they revealed they were worried their dog would become attached to another person! No comment on that one…

Did-you-know #3

We asked our lovely Pet Panel how long they think is the perfect length of walk for their pup. 68% of them felt that anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour would be ideal for their pooch with 27% sharing that their active pups would need more than an hour. Only 4% of people felt less than half an hour was necessary.

Finding a spare 30 minutes in the day can be a challenge for anyone in this busy day and age. As the days start shrinking this winter, it can be even harder to find the time to walk in daylight around work. That’s why we set up Tailster, so no dog goes without.

We’ll find someone who can pop in and give your dog the run they deserve. With 39% of people looking for help because of their full-time job and 18% revealing they’re simply too busy, you’re not alone! Get rid of that sinking feeling of guilt when you skip an evening walk in the depths of winter – despite those puppy dog eyes.


Tailster's dog walking survey shows work, family and social commitments can often mean there just aren't enough hours in the day to give our pets the attention that they deserve. Click here to find out how Tailster can put you in contact with hundreds of pet carers in your local area, meaning that you can rest in the knowledge that your pets are being well looked after.

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