Dog And Cat Meat Trade Set To Be Banned In Indonesia

2018 has been a year of developments in terms of animal welfare, as a South Korean court rules the killing of dogs for their meat as illegal. A campaign was subsequently launched in the country, protesting that dogs are not food and pioneering the country into a new era of animal rights legislation.

Government officials in Indonesia have announced their support for a ban on the dog and cat meat trade in the country after a revolutionary meeting between Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture and the Dog Meat-Free Indonesia coalition.

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© Dog Meat-Free Indonesia

After leading veterinary officials declared that the dog meat trade was public health threat, an animal welfare issue and a compromise for the country’s tourism industry, government officials were left in a position whereby they had no option but to offer their support.

The Dog Meat-Free Indonesia coalition – made up of HSI, Four Paws, Jakarta Animal Aid Network, Animal Friends Jogja and Change for Animals Foundation – has suggested that dog and cat meat trades currently operate in breach of existing laws.

The laws, they have said, are in place to protect public health and safety and prevent animal cruelty, yet have been ignored for decades, resulting in the meat trade that exists today.

Whilst the meeting was unanticipated, it proved to be a success, with officials finally recognising the suffering of animals and the risks that the dog and cat meat trade poses.

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© Dog Meat-Free Indonesia

Lola Webber, head of the Dog Meat-Free Indonesia coalition, has said:

“The extreme cruelty of Indonesia’s dog and cat meat trades is intolerable under both Indonesia and international animal welfare standards, and the government is right to be concerned about the impacts of these trades on its international reputation.

With our growing awareness of animal sentience comes a greater responsibility to protect animals from cruelty.

Customs evolve and the nationwide movement from within Indonesia calling for an end to these trades is proof that Indonesia is ready to banish the dog meat trade to the history books of shame and illegality. This latest announcement will be celebrated globally.”

We’re thrilled at the decision made by the Indonesian government and sincerely hope that the necessary legislation is properly implemented.

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