Designer Dog Theft On The Increase

The ever increasing popularity ‘designer dogs’ is leading to increasing reports of dog thefts, new figures from Direct Line Insurance have revealed.

Freedom of information requests to the police uncovered a 7% increase in dog theft year on year, with an average of 5 dogs per day stolen in 2017. Of these, the company highlighted a focus on pedigree and more commercially viable breeds. Particularly high on the list of thefts are French Bulldogs, popular with celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Pete Wicks, and a staple for many YouTubers. 

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Head of pet insurance at Direct Line, Prit Powar, reaffirms these concerns, suggesting that, “The rise in popularity of ‘designer’ dog breeds among celebrities and the ‘fashion’ for certain types of dogs means people are willing to pay thousands for an animal, which unfortunately makes them prime targets for thieves.”

Other dogs commonly stolen include Chihuahuas, Huskies, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers, which topped the list. Whilst the fate of these dogs is uncertain, it is thought that many breeds can be self for in excess of £1,000, which is the most probable incentive for thieves. 

Almost 2,000 dogs were stolen across the UK in 2017 and, although almost 400 were subsequently returned to their owners, over 1,600 remain unfound. 

Here are some simple tips to keep your pet safe and prevent theft:

  • Ensure your dog is wearing a collar and ID tag (with your name and contact details) at all times. Dogs and puppies in the UK much be microchipped by 8 weeks old by law, so can be tracked if taken.
  • Never leave your dog unattended outside shops or in cars – they’re an advert for thieves.
  • Make sure doors and windows are locked before leaving your pet alone in the house. With limits on how much
  • Ensure your garden is secure, with no gaps through which they could escape. 
  • Take photographs of your pet from all angles – this will make it easier for people to identify if they do get lost. 

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