15 Cutest Animal Vines - 6 second videos of pet goodness on loop

At Tailster, we’re not just about the dogs and cats! We’re alllllll about the animals. Any kind.

Vine’s 6 second vids were a gateway to watching and rewatching the most heart warming animal clips. We miss them terribly, so we decided it was best to showcase the 15 cutest animal vines of all time.

Here’s a countdown of our Top 15 Cutest Animal Vines:

15. This pup is not the best at digging… but he gives it 150%!

14. The smallest pug in the smallest bowtie! Eeeeeeeeeee!!

13. These tiny chicks have a tiny hand house!

12. This is still one of the best videos on the internet:

11. These are the only kids I'm ready for!

10. This Otter snacking on lettuce is getting bikini body ready!

09. At first glance, you sort of feel sad and concerned for him but give it a second…

08. This little kitten’s paw has a mind of its own and it’s THE BEST THING.

07. This one is a personal favourite… Volume UP (essential.)

06. Oh MY. This little guy trying to catch bubbles will complete your day!

05. Just a small shell boy having a strawberry snack!

04. This teeny tiny piggie is learning how to swim with some help from some cheerios. CRYING.

03. This is everything you need on a Friday morning to make you smile… The head roll at the end!!

02. This happy ball of mashed potato playing a game of chase brings tears to my eyes…

Number one is awarded to Watson and his perfectly adorable trust fall!

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