Christmas time means Cat tree mischief!

It’s that time of the year again! The Christmas cheer is here and lights are all around and your beloved cat can’t wait to take them down. That’s right! Now, dogs might be a bit scared by the obscure and needle filled, alien light, cone shaped decoration in your home but cats can’t wait to get their hands – or should we say paws – on all of that cheerful goodness. Making us mad, yet being adorably cute when doing so, here are five instances of cats hilariously taking the Christmas cheer out of the tree!


Dang It! Christmas Tree Disaster!

In a thousand years philosophers will wonder what came first – the cat or the internet. While we still ponder this question, here’s a throwback to 2012 in one of the first viral Christmas tree disasters. The “dang it” reaction of the owner just sums up the thoughts of every cat owner when their pet creates a nice little mess!


Set them up to take it down!

Not everyone knows this, but cats can help a lot in the process of setting up Christmas decorations. At least, in the sense of being adorable, while you do all the work. But hey, they’ll do all the work of messing up the tree once it’s ready. So, a win-win? Maybe!?


The First Christmas of Jazzy

We are not sure what has happened between cats and Christmas trees during the ages, but apparently they have been enemies since birth. This adorable beast, named Jazzy, celebrated her first Christmas the best way cats know how – by taking down the Christmas tree.


Take it down!

Most owners try to make their cats stay away from the Christmas tree. Yet, this guy decided to tease his cat with his tree decorations. The results were as expected….. Spoiler alert! The tree was pulled down by the cat.


A Whole Epoch!

An epoch of a video, this clip shows a fight between the cat and the Christmas tree. Adorable or savage? You decide! Bad Kitty!


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