When you are on a holiday, as much as you might hate it, you often need to leave your dog with a carer. The two options you have are to either go with a home dog boarder/sitter or to leave your four-legged pal at a dog kennel.

Both options have their pros and cons. Usually, dog kennels are the more popular option however, pet boarders and sitters are becoming increasingly popular. When having a dedicated professional take care of their dog, an owner can be comfortable that all of the specific requirements and routines of their pet are kept intact. Here's why you should choose a dog boarder/sitter over a dog kennel.

The Limitations of a Kennel

First and foremost, as comfortable and diverse the dog facilities at a kennel can be, they are there for all dogs at the particular kennel. While it's good for your pet to socialize, being put in a situation with completely new people and surrounded by a dozen different dogs might be stressful for them. On top of that, its daily routine will most likely suffer, due to the limitations of dog kennels. While some places do offer specific personal dog spaces and routine plans, they are usually quite expensive and certainly not worth the price compared to using a dog boarder.

The Benefits of using a Dog Carer

Hiring a dog carer for your four legged friend is usually the better option as it poses multiple benefits. For starters, your dog doesn't have to be taken out of its comfort zone, if you decide on a dog sitter they will either visit regularly (if you have someone around at night) or stay at your home. Plus, dog carers tend to be either around the same price as kennels or can even be cheaper. With the growing use of technology and apps that connect pet carers with owners, such as our very own Tailster, the option for carers in your area has grown, giving you a wider range of choice.


The Type of Dog Carers

There are two main types of dog carers you can hire when on holiday. The first one is a dog sitter who will either come to take care of your dog a few times per day to keep it fed and exercised or live full time in your home to take care of your pet and follow normal day to day routine. The second is a dog boarder who will take care of your dog in their own home, so still giving your pet the home comforts they would get in their own home and giving them the routine they would usually get. Using a dog sitter or dog boarder can ensure your dog receives all the love and care it deserves whilst you're away. 

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