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The Dog Owners Guide to Aylesbury

Aylesbury is a lively market town in Buckinghamshire and home to over 59,000 residents. Due to the amount

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Cigarettes and Pets – The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

Most people have heard of the term secondhand smoke and how harmful it can be. Even after brief exposure, secondhand smoke has been proven to have health effects on both adults and children. Surely these harmful toxins and chemicals would therefore have a negative effect on animals as well? Correct. Recent studies have revealed the

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Does your dog really need to wear a coat this winter?

It’s getting a little chilly out there, you’ve probably put your heating on at home already and pulled your scarf and hat out of the cupboard, but does this mean you need to get your dog a coat too? There’s mixed opinions about dogs in clothes – those that think it’s cute and that the

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Yoga And Animals; Relaxing Or Just Really Unusual?

The thought of doing yoga with a furry friend might sound rather odd, but the new craze has become increasingly popular in certain areas around the world. Whether it’s with cats, dogs or goats, yoga with animals has become the new ‘in thing’. Here are a couple of examples of how this adorable, and sometimes

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How to introduce children and dogs safely

Is there anything more beautiful than the relationship between a child and a dog? It can be a friendship that grows over the years and becomes an unbreakable bond. But how do you initiate that first introduction? Your child should be taught to always be very calm and gentle around any dog, that way the

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When is the best time to book a holiday pet sitter?

With Halloween having been and gone and the children back at school after Autumn half term holidays, most of us are suddenly awoken to the realisation that the end of year is quickly approaching. Organising families and festivities, office parties and travel leads to soaring stress levels as we realise that we may have left

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How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Really Need?

Here at Tailster we know how important daily exercise is for our dogs. But do we know exactly how often and how much exercise they really need? What are the main benefits of exercise for dogs? Reduction in boredom and behaviors that sit alongside being bored Improved mental health Improved physical health Something fun to break

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Helping Your Dog Get a Good Nights Sleep

  We have all had nights where we toss and turn as our brain refuses to switch off. We end up thinking over the day’s decisions, and are unable to have a peaceful night sleep. A recent study has shown that dogs, like humans, can also suffer from a bad night sleep if they are stressed

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Who can say ‘no’ to those puppy-dog eyes?!

A study has shown that dogs have facial expressions that they use only on humans. So are those big, glossy puppy dog eyes actually a conscious decision by dogs so that you find them cuter?! In a recent study, Scientists have discovered that dogs produce more facial movements and expressions when a human is paying

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Is it really a hazard to throw sticks for your dog…?!

A topic that always brings mixed opinions – “Is it dangerous to throw sticks for dogs?”. It is true that 1000’s of dogs all over the world catch and fetch sticks with no issues but, in the last few years, vets from all over the world have been warning pet owners of the very serious

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