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Funny Dogs

Yoga And Animals; Relaxing Or Just Really Unusual?

The thought of doing yoga with a furry friend might sound rather odd, but the new craze has become increasingly popular in certain areas around the world. Whether it’s with cats, dogs or goats, yoga with animals has become the new ‘in thing’. Here are a couple of examples of how this adorable, and sometimes

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Our Top 20 Cutest: Cat & Dog Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again – and we’ve compiled a list of our Top 20 Halloween Costumes for both cats and dogs! 20. Cat Sushi will never get old 19. Bull-shark? The teeth are great! 18. Nanananana… BATCAT 17. Puposaurus-rex is definitely a winner 16. This may well be the cutest bee we’ve ever

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Proof that dogs really are mans best friend

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend.. But do you know how long they’ve been our best friends? via GIPHY Well …. it’s been proven that the dog was the first animal to be domesticated by the Homo sapiens, and this happened before the Agricultural Revolution (so a really looooong time ago). Experts aren’t

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The funniest dogs with RDF – Resting “Doofus” Face

We’ve all heard of the term “RBF” or.. “Resting b**ch face” to describe the humans among us that look generally miserable/unhappy about EVERYTHING. But here at Tailster we would like to celebrate the up and coming trend of RDF. Resting Doofus Face. After some research on the interweb we have compiled a list of our

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Our Fav Dog Photobombs

Dogs and photobombs. It happens from time to time and the result? Hilarious pictures that’ll literally make your day.

Cute Dogs

Impressive dog fart – not silent but certainly deadly

The new delivery of Tailster branded poo bags has got us going – and the toilet humour just

Funny Dogs

7 adorable Easter pets

Easter weekend has arrived – and what better way to celebrate than with our beloved pets? Here are some of Tailster’s favourite snaps of pets enjoying Easter. Enjoy! 1. “Don’t mind me, I’m just guarding my eggs” 2. Just hanging around with the Easter Bunny… 3. The cosy Easter hedgehog. Imagine finding this little guy in

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Dog image in slice of ham

You will not believe your eyes what this dog-lover saw in his slice of ham – he couldn’t believe his either! Twenty-one year old George Hembry, from Bath, made an incredible discovery in a slice of ham his mum was using for his sandwich. In the corner of his ham, was an image that looked

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Meet Keke, the richest dog in the world – with a penchant for Apple

  8 is a lucky number in China. Meet Keke who must be the luckiest dog in China as his owner rewarded him with 8 (yes 8) brand new iPhone 7s. Credit:Weibo Keke has been dubbed China’s richest dog and is fast becoming a social media sensation over there. His pet parent is the son of

Funny Dogs

Chewbacca – the 4 pound rescue pup!

Meet Chewbacca! No, I’m not talking about the 7ft Wookiee warrior who helped to restore freedom among the galaxy. I’m talking about Chewbacca, Chewie for short, the 4-pound rescue pup with a snaggletooth – helping to restore cuteness on Instagram! Chewie’s coat is very similar to the coat of Chewbacca’s and his snaggletooth is definitely

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