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Dog safety

Is it really a hazard to throw sticks for your dog…?!

A topic that always brings mixed opinions – “Is it dangerous to throw sticks for dogs?”. It is true that 1000’s of dogs all over the world catch and fetch sticks with no issues but, in the last few years, vets from all over the world have been warning pet owners of the very serious

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Doggie Treats – What they can and cannot eat

Those who own dogs, work with dogs, or even know a dog, will have noticed that they eat pretty much anything they can get their paws on, and that they seem constantly hungry. Those people will also know that the food typically found in a doggie bowl is rather unappealing. It’s completely natural to want

Dog safety

Keeping your pet happy and safe at Christmas

We all know that, as enjoyable as Christmas is, it can also be a stressful time for anyone – and this includes our pets! You can make the day enjoyable for them too, with a little extra care. After all, keeping your pet stress-free through the holidays makes for a happier time all-round. Pets should

Dog safety

Pet-proofing the Christmas tree

Christmas is a great time to rest, be jolly and enjoy time with family. At Tailster, we believe your pet is very much part of the family – but have you thought about how something as simple as bringing in a Christmas tree to your home, may cause some confusion for them? Especially if they

Dog safety

Tailster – keeping dog walkers honest

Is your dog walker honest? It’s a controversial question that we always ask at team Tailster – that’s why we’ve spent the last two years building a platform that ensures that your dog is safe. In addition, we wanted to create a service that gave dog owners the comfort and assurance that they were actually

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How to make sure your pet has the best holiday ever!

It can be pretty daunting having to book a holiday and knowing you will have to leave your furry friends behind. At Tailster, we like to think we have all of your leaving-pet-behind worries covered. Here are some handy tips so that both you, and your pet, can relax while you’re away. Our message feature

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Advice for car journeys with your dog

Most of us want to include our dogs in as much of our lives as we can – they are part of the family after all! Car journeys with your dog can be straightforward, but there’s also room for mishaps. If you’re new to this or haven’t done it much, here are some things to consider. Does

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What you should do if you see a dog trapped in a hot car

By now, we should all know leaving a dog in a warm car is a terrible idea – but it’s still happening. The RSPCA were called to 8779 of these cases in 2015 and just last month, during the

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