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Dog safety

Top tips for Dog walking at night time

The winter season is well under way and days are shorter than ever. This leaves you with one of two options, you are either going to take your dog out for a walk in the dark, or your beloved pet will be taking you out for a quick stroll in the dark. There’s just no way around

Dog safety

Tailsters Dog Winter Survival Guide!

Keeping your pet safe during the winter is more difficult of a task than it might seem. Here is a quick dog winter survival guide to help you out! Research and Purchase Appropriate Dog Clothing Dog breeds vary in terms of dog fur and dog hair. With that in mind, make sure to do some digging

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Group Dog Walks or Solo Walks – Which one is Best for your Dog?

There are two main ways you can walk your dog, each with its own benefits. Nevertheless, when choosing a dog carer or a dog walking professional, you have the option to choose whether you want your dog walks to be solo or whether you like the idea of group dog walks. If you can’t decide

Dog safety

Cigarettes and Pets – The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

Most people have heard of the term secondhand smoke and how harmful it can be. Even after brief exposure, secondhand smoke has been proven to have health effects on both adults and children. Surely these harmful toxins and chemicals would therefore have a negative effect on animals as well? Correct. Recent studies have revealed the

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Does your dog really need to wear a coat this winter?

It’s getting a little chilly out there, you’ve probably put your heating on at home already and pulled your scarf and hat out of the cupboard, but does this mean you need to get your dog a coat too? There’s mixed opinions about dogs in clothes – those that think it’s cute and that the

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How to introduce children and dogs safely

Is there anything more beautiful than the relationship between a child and a dog? It can be a friendship that grows over the years and becomes an unbreakable bond. But how do you initiate that first introduction? Your child should be taught to always be very calm and gentle around any dog, that way the

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How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Really Need?

Here at Tailster we know how important daily exercise is for our dogs. But do we know exactly how often and how much exercise they really need? What are the main benefits of exercise for dogs? Reduction in boredom and behaviors that sit alongside being bored Improved mental health Improved physical health Something fun to break

Cute Dogs

Super Hounds to the Rescue

We always hear stories in the news about real life superheroes. What you might not realise is that these heroes come in all different shapes and sizes. Here are a few hero hounds that deserve a mention for all the good work they have done in the past: Frida – the Mexican (and canine) alternative

Cute Animal News

8 Reasons Why You Should Adopt And Not Shop

We completely agree that there’s nothing wrong with buying a cute little bundle of puppy fluff from a reputable breeder – but with so many rescues out there, should we reconsider this? Here’s just 8 reasons why you should think about adopting a dog next time you’re looking for a new furry friend. 1. You

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Is it really a hazard to throw sticks for your dog…?!

A topic that always brings mixed opinions – “Is it dangerous to throw sticks for dogs?”. It is true that 1000’s of dogs all over the world catch and fetch sticks with no issues but, in the last few years, vets from all over the world have been warning pet owners of the very serious

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