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Cute Cats

Yoga And Animals; Relaxing Or Just Really Unusual?

The thought of doing yoga with a furry friend might sound rather odd, but the new craze has become increasingly popular in certain areas around the world. Whether it’s with cats, dogs or goats, yoga with animals has become the new ‘in thing’. Here are a couple of examples of how this adorable, and sometimes

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8 of The Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World

You may have heard of people paying large amounts for certain dog breeds in the past, but what you might not realise, is that certain cat breeds can cost you a pretty penny as well! People spend thousands to get desired and rare cat breeds. We’ve done some research and compiled a list of some of

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Our Top 20 Cutest: Cat & Dog Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again – and we’ve compiled a list of our Top 20 Halloween Costumes for both cats and dogs! 20. Cat Sushi will never get old 19. Bull-shark? The teeth are great! 18. Nanananana… BATCAT 17. Puposaurus-rex is definitely a winner 16. This may well be the cutest bee we’ve ever

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We are INLOVE with IKEA’s new furniture for cats and dogs!

IKEA have launched a new range of furniture designed specifically for our pets, and we absolutely love it! The range includes a bowl designed to encourage dogs to eat slower, and a cat hideaway resembling a treehouse. As well as your standard pet products, the Lurvig collection will also have scaled-down versions of iconic IKEA

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Felines around the world are jealous of this rescue cat’s homemade houses

This may well possibly be the cutest thing you’ll ever see. In 2011, little Tisoy was found as a stray and taken to Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group. Tisoy is a beautiful ginger cat and whilst the practice were helping to re-home him, staff fell head over heels for him and decided to keep him as

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Animals Who Are Drama Queens

When you have a pet, you come to realise they each have a very unique personality and their own quirky traits. Our pets also have a tendency to become total drama queens, much to our amusement! So Tailster have rounded up 10 of our favourite dramatic animals for you to enjoy. 1. This cat who just

Cute Cats

Why Cats Are Pretty Awesome

Cats. Most people love them, I mean they literally are the internet. We decided it was time to show just how awesome cats are! Not only are they cute fuzz balls with an attitude but they’re pretty amazing and clever too. 1. The Egyptians weren’t the first to domesticate cats Most people believe that the

Cute Cats
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