We're all for heart warming pet stories here at Tailster, and this story about Giles who was reunited with his owner after 10 years is sure to make you smile!

The Happily Ever After (Cat) Story

Giles' owner, Androulla Gould, couldn't quite believe what she was hearing when the Harlington Animal Sanctuary contacted her recently to inform that a tabby cat had been found. When they scanned his microchip, Androulla's contact details flashed up, helping Harlington reunite the tabby with his owner. Giles went missing 10 years ago and, after searching everywhere, was never found. Finally, his owner came to the assumption that her cat had simply found a new home - or, at least that's what she hoped.

Androulla's guess about Giles' whereabouts was in fact true - the moggy had been living happily with a new owner who, astonishingly, lived a mere four streets away! They had even renamed the cat Tigger. Giles was picked up on the same day that he'd been tracked with his microchip, and was even reunited with his childhood pal, Mrs Gould's other cat who was not impressed that he'd been gone for so long!

Since Giles' return, he has joined in with his owner's birthday celebrations, who will have a watchful eye over his every move to ensure he doesn't disappear on another 10 year hiatus!

The Importance Of A Microchip

Giles' reunion was thanks to his owner choosing to microchip him at an early age. Whilst many think of micro chipping as an unnecessary thing, that couldn't be further from the truth. We highly encourage you to microchip all your pets to avoid any heartbreak down the road. Even if your cat is an indoor type, there is always a risk of them escaping and, even worse, getting lost.

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