How to Cat-proof Your Home

Do you have a cat or are you planning to get one? Whatever the case might be, unless your home is cat-proof, they could potentially be in danger. Curiosity and playfulness can get your cat into trouble, from detergent’s, sharp objects, medicines and poisonous plants. We think your cat’s safety is important and with that in mind, we’ve created these handy tips on how to cat-proof your home.

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Cat-proof #1, Keep Your Valuables Safe 

Cat proofing consists of two basic ideas. The first is to protect your valuables from your pet and the second is to protect your pet from any potential danger in your home.

Cats love to jump around and can find ways to get pretty much anywhere in a room, the first job to do is to ensure that everything you consider of value to be put in a safe place especially anything breakable. Cats love to explore, they can jump on tables, cabinets, sideboards, and bookshelves. They may accidentally knock over and break fragile items.

Covering furniture is also a good idea. Sofas and chairs are great in cat’s eyes for scratching and rubbing against. These are natural behaviours for cats so ensure your cat has access to a scratching post  Cat’s are playful and love to use their claws so protecting your upholstery is always helpful.

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Cat-proof #2, Keeping your cat safe

Keeping your cat safe is the other priority to keep in mind when cat-proofing your home.When thinking about potential dangers for your cat, remember that they are small, agile and have sensitive noses meaning they will investigate all areas of the house.

Here are the most common dangers to cat’s in the home;


Many plants can be poisonous for cats. Lillies being one of the most common. Cat’s love to bite but chewing on one of these can cause huge problems for their kidneys and often can be fatal.

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Small household items

Cats love to play around with different objects, drawing pins, paper clips and any potential small items that your cat could swallow should be in containers that are not easily opened.

Medicine and household cleaners

Cleaning fluids, antifreeze, over the counter human medications and other chemicals are all sources of potential danger for your cat.  These items are highly toxic to cats and can lead to kidney or liver failure and even death. If you wouldn’t let your child access them, don’t let your cat either.

Blinds and cords

Cats can have a playful nature and will often think blinds and cords are great fun. However it is worth being careful. Cats get caught up in the cords and cause serious damage to themselves. Electrical cord’s can also be attractive to cats to be extra safe ensure anything electrical is hidden out of site.

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