A study has shown that dogs have facial expressions that they use only on humans.

So are those big, glossy puppy dog eyes actually a conscious decision by dogs so that you find them cuter?!

In a recent study, Scientists have discovered that dogs produce more facial movements and expressions when a human is paying attention to them. This includes raising their eyebrows and making their eyes appear bigger (those irresistible puppy dog eyes).

The research goes against the belief that animals, in particular, dogs, use facial expressions that are largely unconscious movements. And that they actually reflect conscious emotions, rather than involuntary ones as a way to communicate.

The results of the research reveal that the dogs observed produced far more facial expressions when a human was facing the dog, than when they turned away – most notably, the animals were more likely to show their tongues and raise their inner eyebrows.

Surprisingly the presence of food had no impact on the animals’ expressions! This suggested that canine facial expressions weren’t just down to excitement, and caused indecision over whether dogs do use their facial expressions to persuade their owners to give them what they want.

So might it just be true, animals tend to make their eyes appear bigger – because humans are known to find it utterly adorable. What do you think?!

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