5 Things You’ll Know If You Have An Office Dog

There are three questions that we ask in every job interview:

What will I be doing?

What’s the pay?

Do you have office dogs?

…and, we have to say, we save the most important until last!

Office dogs are just great. We all know how beneficial pets are at reducing stress levels and improving mental wellbeing, so having them on hand for a little TLC when things get tough can only be a good thing. In fact, we’d go as far as suggesting that every office should have an office dog (well, why not?!).

But, while they’re totally great, office dogs can also be funny creatures. We sympathise – after 8 hours in the office, we go a little crazy! So, from demanding attention to running crazy, if you have office dogs you’re bound to recognise some of these traits:

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“I Can Help With That…”

We love cuddling our four-legged, furry friends! However, sometimes all we want is a bit of peace – especially when there’s work to be done…

Catch the office dog’s eye, and you’ve no chance! They’ll be straight on your lap and wanting to join in with whatever you’re doing! And, if you keep letting them join you, you’ll soon become their favourite.

We know, it sounds ideal to start with, but when you’re trying to bash out something at record speed and you’ve a lazy Pug resting his head on your arm, you’ll start to question the whole situation!

“Play Time!”

“Give them some toys and they’ll be occupied for hours,” they said. Oh, how wrong they were…

I mean, why would they want to play with a ball, when they could have a human play with their ball instead? It’s totally adorable and a great excuse to take a (well deserved) break, but when they’re there every time you turn around, it becomes quite unnerving!

Take our advice and set them up a nice bed/blanket in a cosy corner of the office. That way, they’ll be able to settle down and you’ll get a few hours of peace!

“Catch Me If You Can”

It’s mid-afternoon, you’re on your fifth coffee of the day, and you’re just about ready to sneak off home. Then… WHOOSH! They’re awake and bursting with energy (oh, the joy…).

We don’t know what it is, but all of sudden they just turn into Greyhounds! And, try as you might, you’ll never catch them… They’re under the desks, tangled in cables, and have probably trampled over a good few jackets and bags on the way.

The good news – it’ll quickly wake you up. The bad news – they’ll probably pull all the cables out of your computer, and you’ll spend the next few hours trying to remedy the situation.


“I Need The Bathroom And You Need A Break”

As much as you’ll be tutting and sighing at the office dogs demanding all of your attention, you’ll soon be dragging them out to pee just so you can take a break. And, really, why not?!

As well as being fabulous additions to the office environment, and the subject of all your social media posts throughout the day, the office dogs provide the perfect excuse to steal yourself an extra 15 minute break! Expect a few squabbles with your co-workers, particularly as the day comes to an end and you’re all a bit tired.

Let’s be real, unless your desk is by the door, you stand no chance!

“Less Play, More Work, Human!”

Think of how disgusting your office floor must be. All the shoes that have walked across it, all the debris from the street that’s embedded in the carpet…

And, still, give us an office dog and we’ll be rolling around the office floor without a care in the world. No, really – it’s just impossible to resist them! Especially when they’re all excited and throw themselves at you as soon as you step through the door.

That’s the thing with office dogs – they can be totally annoying and have you distracted all day, but they’re just irresistible. Honestly, we wouldn’t be without them!

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Struggling to balance being a pet owner with work life?

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