361 Golden Retrievers Gather For Massive Birthday Party

We love a good birthday party, especially when it’s a milestone, and it looks like Golden Retrievers know how to pull out all the stops!

To celebrate their 150th anniversary of the breed, owners brought 361 Golden Retrievers to the Highlands of Scotland for the ultimate birthday bash!

102622260 goldenone

© Peter Jolly Northpix

The breed was first created at Tomich near Glen Affric in the 1800s by Dudley Majoribanks, aka Lord Tweedmouth.

Wanting a dog that was capable of swimming long distances to retrieve wildfowl that had been shot, he crossed a Nous, a Retriever, with Belle, a Tweed Water Spaniel. The result was the first ever Golden Retriever as we now know them.

The event was organised by the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland, reuniting the breed at the estate where they first originated.

Four years ago, the Friends of Guishachan group unveiled a statue to mark the founding of the Golden Retriever breed in the grounds of the estate.

102622258 goldenfour

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The Terrier has been described as Britain’s most endangered native breed of dog, however numbers have been in decline in recent years. This is probably a result of the breed’s lifespan being dramatically reduced in recent years, with bone cancer, lymphoma and a cancer of the blood vessels notorious killers.

As well as celebrating the much loved breed, it is hoped that the event will encourage more people to consider Golden Retrievers as pets, boosting numbers of the breed.

102622256 goldenthree

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The event comes shortly after news that the UK’s rarest dog breed, the Otterhound, is on the brink of extinction, with campaigners desperately encouraging owners to consider the gentle giants as pets.

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