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Helping Your Dog Get a Good Nights Sleep



We have all had nights where we toss and turn as our brain refuses to switch off. We end up thinking over the day’s decisions, and are unable to have a peaceful night sleep. A recent study has shown that dogs, like humans, can also suffer from a bad night sleep if they are stressed or worried.

Scientists in Hungary have recently measured the sleep of a number of different dog breeds after both positive and negative experiences. A positive experience included being stroked or playing with their owner, and a negative experience included being left alone and ignored by their owner.


The results showed that those who had a positive experience before their sleep had a longer period of deep sleep than those who had a negative experience. Those who had the negative experience ended up spending more time in the REM stage of sleep where your brain is more active.

The results suggest that if your dog is left alone for large amounts of the day, the negative effects could cause a restless night sleep. A restless night sleep for your dog can not only mean a restless night sleep for you, but it can also cause them to be irritable or agitated the next day, causing a potential domino effect.


(Image –

How can this be prevented? If you spend large amounts of the day away from the house, it might be worth organising daily visits from friends, family or a Tailster carer to help keep your pooch entertained and happy. You could also look into possible daycare options too! Small changes to your dogs daily routine could have a huge impact on their overall stress and anxiety levels, and produce a better nights sleep all round.


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Our Top 20 Cutest: Cat & Dog Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again – and we’ve compiled a list of our Top 20 Halloween Costumes for both cats and dogs!

20. Cat Sushi will never get old

19. Bull-shark? The teeth are great!

18. Nanananana… BATCAT

17. Puposaurus-rex is definitely a winner

16. This may well be the cutest bee we’ve ever seen!

15. Our favourite dessert?! A pup-nana split….

14. The real deal. The original. The Cat in The Hat.

13. This Koala-ty costume is adorable!

14. This Super Mario cat brings a touch of old school class to Halloween

13.  Simplistic yet grrrreat!

12. Scuba Steve – look at the flippers!

13. This tiny ballet princess pup melts our heart

12. If we didn’t love burgers already, we do now.

11. This is honestly the jackpot right here.

10. Sometimes, the minimum is all you need.

9. This guy is channeling his inner Monsters Inc!

8. Don’t panic! This little lobster is perfectly safe. And cute.

7. This small superhero is sure to save the day with that head tilt

6. I mean, he looks less than thrilled but… It’s still pretty cute, right?!

5. The eyebrows poking through make this.

4. A little beanie baby is a great idea

3. The cutest garden gnome you ever did see.

2. Johnny Depp, eat your heart out.

1. The Beauty & The Best footstool is an absolute winner for us – so clever!


Are you celebrating this weekend with any dressed up pets? Share them with us with #tailsterhalloween !

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Who can say ‘no’ to those puppy-dog eyes?!

A study has shown that dogs have facial expressions that they use only on humans.

So are those big, glossy puppy dog eyes actually a conscious decision by dogs so that you find them cuter?!

In a recent study, Scientists have discovered that dogs produce more facial movements and expressions when a human is paying attention to them. This includes raising their eyebrows and making their eyes appear bigger (those irresistible puppy dog eyes).

The research goes against the belief that animals, in particular, dogs, use facial expressions that are largely unconscious movements. And that they actually reflect conscious emotions, rather than involuntary ones as a way to communicate.

The results of the research reveal that the dogs observed produced far more facial expressions when a human was facing the dog, than when they turned away – most notably, the animals were more likely to show their tongues and raise their inner eyebrows.

Surprisingly the presence of food had no impact on the animals’ expressions! This suggested that canine facial expressions weren’t just down to excitement, and caused indecision over whether dogs do use their facial expressions to persuade their owners to give them what they want.

So might it just be true, animals tend to make their eyes appear bigger – because humans are known to find it utterly adorable. What do you think?!

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Super Hounds to the Rescue

We always hear stories in the news about real life superheroes. What you might not realise is that these heroes come in all different shapes and sizes.

Here are a few hero hounds that deserve a mention for all the good work they have done in the past:

Frida – the Mexican (and canine) alternative to Wonder Woman


(Photo @PueAPrimeraHora on Twitter)

Frida had a busy September as a result of the earthquakes that have hit the Mexican State of Oaxaca and Mexico City. Frida is a rescue dog that belongs to the Mexican Navy. She has quickly become a popular figure around the world thanks to social media, after having saved over 50 people from the destruction left behind by the earthquakes. Frida was not phased by her newfound fame, however, and continued to work hard as part of the rescue team.

Dave – the Doggy Life Guard


(Photo –  Solent News and Photo Agency)

Dave gets a mention after having helped save 3 women who were at risk of drowning at Hayling beach near Portsmouth. The brave black Labrador, his dog walker and his son, spotted 3 women who had been carried out to sea. After swimming out to them, Dave successfully doggy paddled one of them back to safety.

If it were not for Dave and his walkers, the rough current could have taken them even further out where they might not have been seen by passers by.

Khan – The Doberman Pinscher who risked his life to save his new family


(Photo –

Khan had only been in the family for a week at the time he risked his life to save 17 month old Charlotte from a potentially deadly snake bite. Khan had recently been adopted from a rescue centre, and proved how courageous he was when he pushed Charlotte out of the way of venomous King Brown snake. Although the snake ended up biting Khan, he was quickly rushed to the emergency services where he was given antivenom, so made a full recovery.

Bretagne – The 9/11 Search Dog


(Photo @captain_the_golden on Instagram)

Bretagne was just two years old when the twin towers fell during the terror attack on September 11th 2001. She was immediately rushed to the scene and began her hard work in the Ground Zero rescue and recovery team. She saved many lives from the rubble, and became an iconic hero hound in America.

Unfortunately, Bretagne passed away last year just before her 17 birthday. She was loved by the entire nation, and had a send off fit for a hero.


Buddy – The Smartest German Shepherd Around


(Photo –

Buddy was adopted at a young age by Joe who would frequently suffer from seizures. Joe taught Buddy exactly what to do in case he was to have a seizure, which involved dialing 911 to reach out to the emergency services.

This was put to the test in 2008 when, the then 18 month old Buddy, successfully dialed 911 and barked down the phone at the emergency service operators. Moments later, the emergency services arrived. Joe was rushed to the hospital, and made a full recovery, all thanks to his pal Buddy.

Do you have any pet hero stories?!

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8 Reasons Why You Should Adopt And Not Shop

We completely agree that there’s nothing wrong with buying a cute little bundle of puppy fluff from a reputable breeder – but with so many rescues out there, should we reconsider this?

Here’s just 8 reasons why you should think about adopting a dog next time you’re looking for a new furry friend.

1. You can’t buy love—but you can adopt it from a dogs home (and usually for a lot less money than buying a dog from a breeder). Adoption fees do occur in most cases but these are significantly less than buying a brand new puppy. The dogs home usually just ask for a donation, or the amount to cover certain costs of them being looked after until now.



2. Dog rescue centres often include vaccinations, microchipping, and spaying or neutering in the adoption fee. This leads on from the last point. Your donation to the dogs home would usually cover these veterinary costs.


3. Most older dogs that have formerly had an owner are already housetrained. This obviously isn’t always the case, and accidents do happen, but why wouldn’t you want a doggo that already knows when he should or shouldn’t be going to the toilet?!


4. Rescue centres are great if you don’t have a specific breed in mind. If you go to a rescue centre you will come across dogs that you never knew you needed in your life. There is a dog for everybody, whether you want an old one, a young one, one with lots of hair, one that’s small and fast or one that’s big and slow. There really is someone for everyone. You might just find your new best friend.


5. How do you feel about puppy farms? Although the majority of breeders are registered and above-board, how would you feel if you found out that your new puppy had come from a puppy farm? Even though you may not know that you are, would you be happy supporting practices like this?


6. All that love. Imagine the amount of love you’ll get from a dog that thought he was going to spend the rest of his days in a kennel at a rescue centre!! The look on that face when he never has to go back there again!


7. You could even adopt a dog that currently lives in another country! Not only could you be giving love to a rescue, you could be offering love to a stray overseas!! There are lots of groups that go abroad to rescue stray, street dogs and give them the opportunity of having, in some cases, their first ever home!!


8. Won’t it feel good to save a life? Surely it’s a no-brainer?! Why wouldn’t you want to save the life of a doggo that has had a pretty rubbish time up to now?

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We are INLOVE with IKEA’s new furniture for cats and dogs!

IKEA have launched a new range of furniture designed specifically for our pets, and we absolutely love it!

The range includes a bowl designed to encourage dogs to eat slower, and a cat hideaway resembling a treehouse. As well as your standard pet products, the Lurvig collection will also have scaled-down versions of iconic IKEA furniture such as the Kipplan sofa.

The new range of furniture has been carefully thought out, designer Inma Bermudéz felt there was a gap in the market for fashionable yet affordable pet products.

Inma worked with Barbara Schäfer, a vet, to ensure that different pet behaviours and habits were taken into consideration with designing and producing the furniture.

Bermudéz’s collection, which has 62 pieces, covers the essentials of walk, travel, play, eat and sleep.

For dinner time, is a bowl that’s shallow and designed to encourage dogs to eat slower – we all know how greedy they can be!

Speaking about her designs she said “Cats are generally good at regulating how much food they eat, however a number of dog breeds still retain the desire to overeat.”

She went on to explain “That’s how the slow feed bowl became part of the Lurvig range. By using a design that breaks up a bowl’s internal surface area, it prevents the dog from being able to inhale their food in one or two gulps.”

For sleeping, a “friendly-smelling cushion” has been introduced. It’s made to be filled with the owners old clothes or blankets to give your pets comforting, familiar smells while they snooze!

The rest of the collection includes reflective leads and collars, a travel basket, a play tunnel and a brush.

But don’t fret- IKEA have also got you covered for the least favourite part of pet ownership… with their own range of poop bags and even a litter tray shovel for your feline friend.

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Felines around the world are jealous of this rescue cat’s homemade houses

This may well possibly be the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

In 2011, little Tisoy was found as a stray and taken to Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group.

Tisoy is a beautiful ginger cat and whilst the practice were helping to re-home him, staff fell head over heels for him and decided to keep him as the first (and only) resident cat of the clinic in Singapore.

Tisoy soon made himself at home. The vets did their best to make him comfortable by providing two soft beds, towels and blankets for him to sleep on. But good old Tisoy was not happy with these at all! So they introduced the legendary…. Cardboard box. And, you guessed it, he LOVED it.

The clinic decided that Tisoy deserved the best of the best, and a plain old box just wouldn’t suffice. So they got to work in creating him his very own one-of-a-kind home. Tisoy was ecstatic and quickly learned how to open the door, and enjoyed peeking through the windows!

Tisoy has now learnt that if the staff knock on his front door and he opens it with his paw, he earns a treat! How cute is that?!

The staff thought that his home was such a hit, he now has his very own collection. A tiny cat village, if you will. This includes a mini sushi shop, an igloo, chinese temple and a little replica of the vets practice!

If Tisoy gets bored of these houses, he can always drive around in his ambulance OR be a dinosaur

Tisoy has big dreams and has also been to space…

Photo: Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group

We’re so glad Tisoy has found his forever home in such a loving environment!

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Is it really a hazard to throw sticks for your dog…?!

A topic that always brings mixed opinions – “Is it dangerous to throw sticks for dogs?”.

It is true that 1000’s of dogs all over the world catch and fetch sticks with no issues but, in the last few years, vets from all over the world have been warning pet owners of the very serious dangers that throwing sticks brings. Reports of dogs becoming impaled, abcessed or bleeding critically are becoming more and more common.


There are four major risks of stick throwing:

  1. Splintering – the most common.

As we are all well aware, a dog’s automatic instinct when given something to catch/hold is to bite down. A dog’s bite is incredibly strong (the strongest reported is 500 psi) which means a fragile stick doesn’t really stand a chance! When a stick is bitten, it tends to splinter which means your poor pooch now has a mouthful of splinters that can become embedded in their gums, tongue, cheeks or even the palate.

As the mouth has more nerve endings than almost any other part of the body, I’m sure you can imagine how painful this is! There is also the risk of infection from the splinters, leading to an abscess and ultimately blood poisoning. Abscesses are a huge concern because they cannot always be seen and do not always show up on x-rays and you may only notice them because they start to drain (ew!) and could leave your dog unable to eat or drink because their mouth is so sore.

Image: barkpost

2. Wedging

If a stick is small enough, they can easily become wedged between teeth or across the roof of mouths.

This doesn’t sound too serious, but what you may not know is inside your dogs teeth on either side is the Greater Palatine Artery. If this is nicked/lacerated by a stick, your dog could be in grave danger through blood loss.

So if you notice your dog pawing/scratching at their mouths and it’s a stick related injury – get them to your local Vet ASAP for the safest way of removing it!

3. Pharyngeal impalement

This one is pretty nasty… At the back of your dog’s mouth, where the nose and mouth actually meet and the voice box and gullet open is the “Common Pharynx”. This soft tissue is the most common part of the mouth where dog’s manage to impale themselves. It usually happens because a stick is thrown for them to chase, and whilst running the dog opens their mouth to catch it and they run onto the stick.

The usual symptoms to look out for for this type of injury are an inability or difficulty to swallow or eat their food, lethargy and fever (caused by an infection). The repercussions of this could be paralysis, bleeding, and permanent damage to the gullet. Unfortunately, this has a grave prognosis. So please keep your pups safe!

This injury requires vet treatment and the repair and recovery can become a little complicated due to the delicacy of the animal’s skull, but specialists are now seeing surgical repair cases from this type of injury on average 2-3 times a week. So as you can see, this is becoming more and more common in our furry friends.

4. Thoracic impalement

You wouldn’t believe how common this is! To put it simply, the injury occurs almost the same way as described above but at the last minute the dog may realise they’re in danger and move their head out of the way. This means that they then end up stabbing themselves in the chest, as they are unable to stop themselves running into the stick due to momentum.

In most reported cases, it appears that the stick tends to be deflected to penetrate the ribs or even into the armpit. As painful and uncomfortable as this is – it doesn’t usually cause life threatening injuries but will still need vet treatment to prevent abscess and infection.

Image: dailymail

So next time you’re out for a walk with your furry friend – please avoid throwing sticks for them and perhaps take a dog-safe toy with you e.g the legendary ball!

Has your pet, or perhaps someone you know, had any stick related injuries? Let us know!

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