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Dog walking prices – a Tailster guide

When you live a busy life and need some help with Pet care, it can become expensive – and a lot of hassle.  We aim to help with that at Tailster, matching pet owners with great carers, as well as providing a platform to discuss requirements and pricing before making a commitment.

People often ask us how much it will cost to have their dog walked and – as a very basic guideline – pet carers on the site charge around £8-15 per hour for dog walking.  This basic cost will depend on a carer’s experience and location. It’s important to remember there is no set price for dog walking and there are many things which need to be taken into account.

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There are five main things to consider:

  1. The number of animals. If you have two dogs who need walking, that will usually bring up the price. Likewise, if you have two dogs, but you want them to be walked separately, that will make it more expensive. Some pet carers will offer a discount for pets from the same household, but that isn’t a guarantee. Lots of walkers also carry out group walks – and if you’re happy for your dog to be walked with others, that can make a things a bit cheaper.
  2. Location. If you are based somewhere rural, or somewhere with poor transport links, that may bring the price up due to your walker’s travel time and often, petrol costs.
  3. Duration.  You can create a listing  for 30, 60 or 90 minutes on Tailster – most requests we see require a 60 minute walk. The average price for an hours walk is £10, so you can expect to pay a bit less than that for a 30 minute walk, and slightly more for 90 minutes.
  4. Amount of walks. If you need a daily walk Monday-Friday every week, that will naturally cost more than if you just need a couple of walks, or the odd day here and there. There can be a plus side to having more walks though – some pet carers will give a discount for more walks, or for a recurring weekly booking.
  5. Age and breed. Some pets require more care than others, which often depends on their age, breed and whether they have any health conditions. For example, puppies or large dogs requiring more exercise can bring the cost up.

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Some example prices

Below are some real dog walking quotes provided by Tailster walkers recently, which should offer some perspective on price ranges. Each price is from a different walker and is per week.

  • 60 minute walk x 4, for a 6 month old Dalmatian. Quotes: £35, £36 and £40
  • 90 minute walk x 5, for a Cocker Spaniel pup. Quotes: £75, £65, £85 and £100
  • 30 minute walk x 2, for a 4 year old Retriever. Quotes: £12, £10 and £20
  • 60 minute walk x 1, for a German pointer puppy. Quotes: £12, £14

This guide will hopefully help give you a rough idea of what you can expect in terms of cost, but the best way to get an accurate quote is without a doubt to create a listing on Tailster.

If you’re past speculating and need a dog walker soon, you can fill out the request form below, it’s free and it only takes 30 seconds – let’s see who we can find for you.


Love is a four-legged word

We all like to include our pets in every holiday – and Valentine’s Day is no exception. It’s a time to share the love all round, not just with your significant other – and many of us would rather spend Valentine’s Day with our pets, let’s be honest. The love we get from them is unrivalled and Valentine’s day is a great excuse to spoil our most loyal companion.

We’ve come up with some ideas to show your pet just how much you love them this Valentine’s Day.


An obvious suggestion, but a great one nonetheless  – after all, the way to our pets heart is through their stomach. Go beyond the usual treats for Valentine’s Day. You can order freshly baked cakes and cookies, suitable for pets. Even better… make them with love yourself. There’s plenty of inspiration out there if you need it.

If your pet has a favourite food they usually aren’t allowed but go crazy for, pop out and get that for them as a little indulgence.

A special walk

This is one for the dogs. If there’s somewhere your pup always loves to visit, take them there for a special day out – with or without a signficiant other. You might prefer to explore somewhere new and find a new favourite walking spot.


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A doggy playdate is also on the cards with this one. Invite some of their best pals along for some fun, before you can return home and enjoy some quality alone time. For those in London, there’s a special Valentine’s walk on Hamstead Heath, where your dog will have the chance to make endless new friends.

A cosy night in

Snuggles with your furry friend are always the best kind. Put up a few Valentine’s decorations and cuddle up on the sofa with them, get some blankets, pop the TV on in the background or read a book while they snooze next to you.

Make an evening of it and make a meal for the two of you to enjoy. You can make their favourite food for them – and you can even get some wine to make it a proper romantic meal. If they like being pampered, there’s also the option of having a grooming session to make them feel pretty.


A Valentine’s gift

There are so many options with this! For any pet, you can’t go wrong with a new toy – cats always love some catnip or a scratching post. Present it to them, watch their excitement and spend some time playing with them and their new favourite toy.

You can also go for something practical; a new bed, blanket, collar, or clothes and accessories to help keep them going until warmer Spring weather sets in. 

Donation in your pets honour

Pick a charity you feel is representative of your pet and make a donation. A great thing to do anytime of year, but it’s a lovely way to help animals less fortunate than your pet and do your bit.


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However you celebrate, we hope you have a wondeful Valentine’s Day! If you do have something special planned, or squeeze in some last minute plans, Tailster are on hand to help you find the perfect pet carer to give your pet some attention.

Just let us know what you need by filling out the form below and we’ll fetch the best local, trusted and vetted dog walkers right to you.