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We’ve taken a stand against dogs hogging all of our attention!

As much as us guys at adore those adorable canine furries (in every possible shape and size they come), doesn’t it sometimes feel a little unfair how they hog all of our attention?


While you may be a committed canine companion we realised there may also be some feline fanatics, bunny beaus, hammy honeys or even aquatic admirers out there – or all of the above! If that does apply to you, we can now lend you a paw, claw, foot or even a fin to help you find that perfect carer!


If you’re a carer just make sure you add the ‘cat sitting’ and ‘small animal care’ to your list of services on your profile – you can then quote on local listings and receive private requests as usual. Easy!


If you haven’t yet joined us just click here to sign up!

If you’re an owner needing care just select ‘cat sitter’ or ‘small animal care’ when making your listing and our carers providing these services will drop you a quote (or just click here)! Easy!

We’ve had an extremely positive response to these new additions and can’t wait to start growing this side of our service even more!


New Year, New You? Why we love dog walking!

Gym or walkies? We know which we prefer!


Are you trying to get fitter for 2016 but don’t want to spend ££ on a gym membership!? Us too…

Dogs are the perfect walking companion! Not only do they give us humans a fun way to get active and meet new humans, they are great motivators for keeping us active long term – this boosts both our physical and psychological health (hopefully dropping a jean size in the process and saying farewell to all of last month’s festive binge eating!).

Did you know just 30 minutes of dog walking a day can help reduce breast cancer (by 75%) , heart disease (by 49%), diabetes (by 35%) and is a great way to relieve stress – who doesn’t love watching a dog have a great time!


Don’t have a dog of your own? No problem! is fantastic way to connect with dog owners who need walkers and you can make some ££ in the process! Sign up for free today and start browsing all the potential canines you could be walking, sitting and boarding! We also cater for felines and smaller furries who may need a walk (bunnies are practically the new dog – right?)

Is your new years resolution to get fit? If you have taken up dog walking recently we’d love to hear how its going!



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