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The Lost Dogs Home: Changing the Way We View Rescue Dogs

An Australian based animal shelter realised their conventional sad doggy adverts weren’t homing their dogs to the level that was needed, so they decided it was time for a change.

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The Pugs of Westeros – Pugs dress up as Game of Thrones characters!

Take 3 pugs, dress them up as characters from “Game of Thrones” – Brilliant! But this is no amateur dress-up joke, this is a high quality production with detailed and impressive costumes, props and sets.

The stars of this production are three super cool pugs called Roxy, Blue and Bono, owned by Sue and Phillip Lauer. Sue and Phillip have been dressing up their beloved pugs for a long time, but this time they took their pugs’ acting skills to a whole other level, after a request from Blinkbox.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so…enjoy!

Game of Thrones Pugs: Couple Recreate Hit HBO Series With Their Three Dogs

Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow

Oberyn Martell

Oberyn Martell



Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen





Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister

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World’s first dog swimming pool and resort in Barcelona

Looking for a place where your pooch can safely splash around? Are you looking for something new to do with your dog? Well, then have a look at this: the world’s first ever dog swimming pool! This is a 1,000m-square swimming pool purposely built for dogs and their owners. This amazing doggy swimming pool is actually located 30 mins away from Barcelona, Spain, within the 5 star Can Janè Canine Resort.



This dog aqua park is equipped with everything your dog needs to enjoy a refreshing Summer’s day, from water slides to extra-strong inflatable boats and pleasant sloped beach-like facilities.  This amazing aqua park was created by Federico Cano, who thought dogs should also be offered the opportunity to splash around in the water in hot Summer days, especially since most beaches and swimming pools do not allow any pets.




The aqua park is a great option for active dogs – they will release all their energy and then sleep for days! It’s also great for older dogs who might have mobility issues, since the water provides a weight-free environment where they can still move around and have fun.




 Watch the video below for a sneak-peak: we assure you it will make you smile!

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Expert dog sitting advice…from your dog!

Everyone loves (and needs) to go on a relaxing holiday to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Even we pooches like to take a break from home now and then, but we understand you can’t always take us with you everywhere you go. When that happens it can be stressful for all concerned when trying to find a boarder where we’ll be safe and well cared for during your absence. Those flea-bag commercial kennels aren’t ideal for us either because, let’s face it, you’ve pretty much spoiled us to the comforts of home. So here’s a suggestion the next time you go someplace we can’t go: hire a professional dog sitting service!

istock_000001368034xsmall dog sitter

Anytime you need to go away, just contact the service and they’ll send over a nice dog sitter to meet us. We’ll sniff them over and let you know if we approve, then you can discuss all those other important details about our diets, any medications we take, where the treat jar is located, and which toys are our favourites. While you’re gone you won’t have to worry if we’re getting fed on time, getting our daily walkies, getting our bellies rubbed, or anything else we’re used to getting. They’ll come right to our house and spend time making sure we’re getting everything we need!  However, should you prefer a dog boarding service, that’s fine with us too. We’ll get the same kind care and attention as the dog sitter gives us at our house, except we’ll be staying at someone else’s house (who will undoubtedly spoil us almost as muc h as you do). Playtime to bedtime and all the in-between time will be a blast! So, all you need to do is log on to and look for the perfect dog sitter!


Now that that’s settled, go on holiday, relax and don’t worry about us.  We’ll have a wonderful time right here at home with our new dog sitting friends! Of course we’re still going to give you the ‘look’ that makes you feel guilty for leaving, and we won’t be able to restrain ourselves from greeting you in exuberant leaps and bounds upon your return! After we’ve all calmed down a bit, we’ll snuggle on the couch and exchange fun holiday tales! Now what could be any doggone better than that?!


Enjoy your holiday. We will be enjoying ours too!

Enjoy your holiday. We will be enjoying ours too!

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How to Adopt a Dog from a Rescue Centre and Make Sure it is the Right Fit

It’s easy to walk into a rescue centre and choose the cutest dog, however the cutest pooch won’t always make the best pet for your family. There are a few things that you will want to consider before looking into a bunch of those beautiful puppy dog eyes.

What to Look for When Choosing your New Best Friend
When thinking about how to adopt a dog from a rescue centre, there are many things you will want to consider before heading to your nearest pet rescue centre.

Temperament – Different dog breeds, or mixes of certain breeds, generally possess different temperaments. If you are looking for an active dog, who can round up the family, whilst keeping tabs on everyone, you may want to consider a Border Collie mix. If you are looking for a dog that will take all the love you can give, and work well with young children, you may want to consider a Golden Retriever. Consider researching different breeds before you start looking for your ideal pet.


Space – Whether you live in an apartment, or you have a home with a large yard, the perfect dog is out there. Smaller dogs quite often make better apartment dwellers, however this is not always the case, retired greyhounds love nothing better than to lay around all day. Active breeds will need plenty of space, or you must be willing to exercise them, at least once a day. Space is an important factor and some rescue centres will not allow you to adopt certain breeds, if you don’t have a fenced garden.


Patience – This is where your own temperament comes in. When you adopt a dog you need to consider the dogs past. It is quite often hard to know what has happened to dogs that are abandoned or rescued. Some dogs have suffered physical or emotional abuse, sometimes they have suffered both. These dogs may have behavioural issues that take time and patience on everyone’s behalf, to help sort through. If you don’t feel you have the patience to deal with these kind of issues, adopting a dog may not be the best choice.

And if you have concerns over adopting a dog because you travel, or are scared to leave your dog alone during the day, check out We can help you find the perfect sitter for your new addition.

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5 Tips to Help Dog Professionals Grow Their Business

Ready to bring your business to the next level? With over eight million dogs in the UK, the potential clientele is out there just looking for you. Use these tips to help grow your business into a successful one.

1. Continue Education and Certification

Do you have your canine first aid certification? How about a crash course on dog body language? Having credentials will prove you are serious and responsible about your business. Find courses online that cover a wide range of topics like the ones offered at Stonebridge Associated College. For hands-on learning, Pet First Aid has classes offered all over the UK. They teach canine first-aid and CPR certification after passing the course.


2. Advertising

The best advertising will come from your satisfied customers using word of mouth. But you can help by getting your name out there. Start by signing up here on Tailster. We are here to help professional dog boarders and walkers build their businesses. Set up a profile for your business that will attract local customers. Post flyers at the vet office, dog groomers and other pet related shops. Have business cards ready to hand out.


3. Business branding

It’s great to get your name out there, but you need to make a lasting impression when you do. Think about adding a catchy slogan to accompany your business name. When you are out and about, wear clothes with your business name/slogan on it.  Use signs on your automobile especially if you transport pets in it. Don’t miss any opportunity to tell who you are and what you do.


4. Set yourself apart

Find a way to separate your business from the pack. Investigate your competition and see if you can offer something they don’t. Think as if you were the one looking for a dog boarder and walker, and use this insight to create new services. Add in extras – do you make your own healthy doggy treats? Send home a treat bag periodically with the pets. Sometimes the small details make a large impression.


5. Great customer service

Providing a great customer service experience with pet owners will keep them coming back. Be prompt in correspondence and maintain a friendly professional demeanor. Always be accommodating to your customers.

These tips will help to distinguish you as a professional. People looking for dog boarders and walkers will notice your business as a responsible and trustworthy place to care for their pets, and of course Team Tailster will be there to help you every step of the way.

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Imagine if your dog could text you

Well, if your dog could text you, your conversations would probably be something like this:
















You can see all these great texts here and find many more great ones at :

Check out their site and also have a think about buying the book, will keep you chuckling for a long time.

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And the Tailster Selfie winner is…



  The winners of the Tailster Selfie Competition 2014 are:


Congratulations to Emily&Yogi for winning £100!! Working hard to get your votes paid off! This was selected in a random draw where an entry was given for every vote received, put into a pot and one lucky name was selected.

And a massive congratulations to Loki, for submitting a great selfie! This was our favourite, so Loki and owner Naomi are the winners of  the professional photo shoot with top pet photographer Bridget Davey. Bridget takes the most stunning photos, have a look at her work:

Bridget Davey

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who participated! We will be in touch with the winners individually, but thanks to all of you that had entered with some great tailster selfies on our facebook competition.

Win a £50 Voucher Courtesy of Butcher’s Pet Care

As part of Butcher’s proud sponsorship of You’ve Been Framed! They have created a competition asking dog owners to share their fun and most energetic moments with their dogs.

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