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Tailster Cute doggy photo contest with great prizes

cute-doggy-432x600 Check out this cute little doggy – if that doesn’t warm your cockles, then we think you are the wrong site!

It seems to be the case that most dog owners love showing off their pets – especially when they are as cute as this little one so we wanted to run a competition to help you show off your pet and perhaps win something in the process!

It is simple – click here to go to our facebook page to enter – and like our page.

Then all you have to do is enter the cutest photo you can find of your dog, and then ask your friends to start voting for your best friend. Your friends can vote as well as yourself, once every 24 hours – so we recommend sharing the link on your facebook wall, by email (which you can do easily through our competition app) and get those votes in!

The competition is open to UK residents only and aged over 16.

Prizes –

  • We hope to be adding multiple prizes to our users as we line them up. For now, a cash prize of £50 is being offered to the winner. The Winner will be selected at random from the top 5 dogs with the most votes.
  • Wagg Foods have kindly offered a prize of 1 17kg Worker Chicken and some training treats to the competition – our team of judges will select a worthy winner of these treats..
  • There will be other prizes made available offered by some of our partners so keep your eyes peeled
  • You have til the 9th March 2014 to enter and winners being announced shortly thereafter.

Check out our facebook page by clicking here – and get that entry in!


So, your child is begging for puppy, but you’re not too sure about the idea – “Maybe when you’re older…” Is it going to be too much trouble? Are dogs safe to have around kids? What kind of dog should I get? Why should I get one??

Well, here are 10 great reasons why:

  • Responsibility: Dogs need to be fed, groomed, exercised, and of course, loved. This will teach your child how to be responsible, proactive and patient. They will be looking after a new member of the family, and that requires a lot of responsibility. Don’t take on all the work, get your child involved with the care and education of your dog as much as possible under sensible supervision – the more the kids pitch in, the more they’ll get in return!
  • Anxiety: More and more studies support the calming effect of dogs (and other pets) on people. The Harvard Medical School website states that having a canine companion can reduce stress and lower blood pressure.
  • Friendship: Do you feel lonely? Get a dog! That old saying is certainly true, since dogs are excellent companions and can raise your child’s self-esteem and confidence, teaching them about trust and loyalty. Your family dog will become your child’s best friend, always present and available to listen, without judgment.
Dogs give unconditional love

Dogs give unconditional love


  • Health: A study published  in the medical journal Pediatrics has concluded that children living with dogs are healthier and have fewer ear infections than those who have no contact with dogs. Similarly, infants exposed to dogs during the first year of their life are considerably less likely to develop pet allergies than those born into a canine-free environment.
  •  Exercise: Dogs love and need to play and be active, so they will force your child to get out of the sofa and go for a walk! Walking your dog can be a great way to incorporate exercise into your family’s daily routine.
  • Social and Emotional Skills: Dogs are social animals that bring families together, stimulating empathy, compassion, and social bonding. Some studies show they can also help children with Autism.
  •  Safety: Dogs possess outstanding senses and can easily recognise warning signs much better than humans. Most dogs are very protective of their owners, especially children, and will do anything to alert and defend them in the face of danger.
  • Reading: READ – Reading Education Assistance Dogs – is an American program that intends to improve the literacy skills of children trough the assistance of…dogs! Children improve their reading skills and become more confident by reading to dogs, who are the perfect audience due to their relaxing and non-judgmental presence.
Lassie: always ensuring your child is safe (and doing homework!)

Lassie: always ensuring your child is safe (and doing homework!)


  •  Kid Friendly Breeds: According to the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, dog breeds like the Beagle, Collie (remember Lassie?), Standard Poodle, Labrador, Golden Retriever and Bull Dog are great for kids. You should probably avoid smaller breeds like Chihuahuas, since they can be a bit too fragile for kid’s hands!
  •  FUN! Dogs are naturally playful and their silliness and energy is contagious.  They truly enjoy the present and remind us of the simple joys of everyday life!

Dogs are up for anything!

 So, what are you waiting for?! Visit your local kennel or animal charity to make your family complete!

How to find the right dog boarder

At Tailster, we want your dog to be happy when you are unable to be there to take care of your dog – home boarding as it is known is a great alternative to dog kennels allowing your dog to essentially have a holiday themselves whilst you are away!   The main differences between home boarding and kennels are available to read here.

By putting your dog in another dog lover’s home, your pet gets to experience something new but an experience that will be a better one than the kennel.

There are some tips though in finding that perfect dog boarder – no dog is the same and many dogs will react differently to different situations, especially new situations in locations that are alien to them. Many dog boarders will also own their own dogs, as they are generally dog lovers and therefore we always recommend that you visit them and see the dogs interact with each other to see that there is a nice fit for them – perhaps they will even get to become boarding buddies!

If your dog is one of the following, we recommend that you think of another option to dog kennels or at least choose a dog boarder that has experience in taking care of dogs in these specific cases:

  • If your dog is a puppy and younger than 6 months, you should be wary of them being placed in another home where there are other dogs, including those that already live in the home.
  • If your dog is not neutered or is currently in season – please make your boarder aware of this as this will impact their willingness to take your dog into their home.
  • If your dog is aggressive towards people or indeed to other dogs, then home boarding is not likely to be a solution for you, especially where the boarder has other pets staying over or there is a resident dog. We always recommend that you are up front with information related to the behaviour of your dog so everyone is on the same page. Some boarders will be happy to take the dog on, indeed some are specialists in dog behaviour and may be able to help.
  • If your dog is not house-trained, then this will likely be an issue for the boarder, as your dog will be staying in the home of an owner rather than in a kennel.

None of these are definitive factors that may prevent you from finding a dog boarder willing to take your dog in whilst you are away, but we always recommend that you are honest and up front.

What should you ask the home boarder when you visit?

We always recommend that you meet the home boarder before leaving your dog with them and take your beloved pooch with you. You can use this time to see how they interact with each other and also any interaction with other dogs in the house. The reality is that the dog boarder will also want to make sure that your dog is as well behaved as you say it is and will also want to know what your dog likes and dislikes.   Some questions to ask :-

  • Do they do this full time as a career? – do they have any references that they can provide you with of owners that are happy with their services. You will also be able to read the validated reviews and ratings that people have left for services booked through Tailster to gain a feel on how reliable the dog boarder is.
  • Do they own dogs themselves? See how your dog interacts with these dogs and take a view if you feel that there might be some concerns in leaving your dog with them – you know your dog best at the end of the day!
  • Do they have any qualifications that might be relevant in relation to taking care of your dogs?
  • What facilities do they have for your dog to be able to run around – do they have a large garden or easy access to parks nearby? Also, please confirm with your boarder whether you are comfortable with having your dog off a leash when they are taken for walks in the park.
  • Sleeping arrangements – where will the dog be sleeping? It might be a good idea to bring your dog’s own bed as this will help bring some familiarity to the routine, and more than likely cause less issues for the dog boarder whilst you are away.
  • Let the boarder know of how you want to be updated – some boarders will take regular photos of your dog being looked after and send them to you whilst you are away, we always recommend that you ask if this is possible.

Once you have decided that the boarder is right for you, then proceed in making that booking through our site if they have a profile on – if they don’t, let us know and we will help them get onboard on the site so you have a lot of the information that you want at your fingertips.

The site is free for you to use, and by booking through Tailster, you will be able to know that your funds are held securely by us until after the sitting and once you confirm that you are happy with how everything went.

We do ask you to do several things before you leave your dog behind to have that holiday in a new fun place –

  • De-flea your pet before you leave him at your boarders
  • Fill in some detailed information for your boarder letting them know about your dog – any special requirements such as diet or any medication that they take.
  • Bring some bedding to keep some familiarity for your dog, plus some toys, food and medication that he needs.
  • Leave a cloth in the bedding with your smell on it – so that your dog knows that you aren’t too far away when you are gone.
  • Relax – knowing that your dog is being cared for and given the one to one care and attention that they deserve!

We want to help you find the right dog boarders on Tailster that is local to you, so be prepared and start looking on our site for those near you, take a look at their profiles, and their photos, their reviews and ratings and then arrange to meet before you place the booking on our site.

Great Valentines gifts for your dogs

14th February – Valentines Day.

For many, it’s a time when you feel co-erced into buying a gift for your loved one, a requirement to take your partner out to a dinner at a fancy restaurant where you are surrounded by lots of other couples who have been suckered into going to the same restaurant on this ‘special day’. Now some of you may say that we are being very cynical about this, others may totally agree.

There is one thing for certain though, Valentines Day is a day where you should let your loved ones know that you love them – and that is not limited to just humans but also to your pets.

In fact, in the USA according to a recent new survey from the National Retail Federation, one in five americans will buy a present for a non-human loved one, spending a collective $815m on Valentine’s day presents.

In the UK, a nation of pet lovers, we suspect that the proportions may be the same so we wanted to help you find some cute gifts to buy for the favourite in your life..

A smart valentines dicky-bow tie for your dog :-


Available here at Not on the High Street for £25, we think your pooch will scrub up very nicely on your valentines date!

An edible valentines card


Here is a doggy valentines card that will be appreciated for once!

Breakfast in bed for your dog!


Most humans love breakfast in bed – so it was only a matter of time before this would be possible for dogs. Available on Not on the High Street, you can personalise your gift with the name of your dog, they get a daily dog newspaper, a flavour of some of the best herbal dog teas ( you can even choose the type of tea – ranges include ‘Posh pooch’ and ‘performance’ ), and some doggy biscuits.

A ‘heart-felt’ doggy bed (did you see what we did there!)


Dog beds come in different sizes and shapes but we like this dog bed with a romantic theme, and it looks great in your living room. Starting at under £40, it’s a valentines gift that you can keep on using.

A valentines dog hat


A custom made dog hat for your pooch – they do different types of hat but this one very much has a very valentines feel to it!

And finally, for those that really want to splash out on a valentines day gift for their pet

Diamond necklace for your dog – starting at only $150,000 and up to $3.2m


Available here at I Love Dog Diamonds, it seems that there is big money to be made in the diamond jewellery space for pets, they have 6 different dog collars with the cheapest starting at $150,000 right through to the price of a very large home in Chelsea. We wonder how many of these have actually sold, but nonetheless, they say for valentines day, diamonds are a best girl’s friend.





Why choose a dog boarder over a dog kennel? was born as a result of our experiences and frustrations when trying to find someone to take care of our dogs when we wanted to go on holiday or in emergency circumstances.

Kennels are a good option – and you know that your dog is in the hands of someone who knows how to take care of dogs but they are often not cheap – costing anything between £10 and £50 a day, and in some cases you have to start paying for extras as well.For us though, it was not the money that was an issue – like many dog owners, we would be happy to pay more if we knew that our dogs were going to get more care and attention – something that we believe is important and not something we felt our dogs were getting when we left them at the kennels. Often they came back, and you could tell that it would take a couple of days before they became their usual selves again.

What are the choices available for dog sitting and dog boarding?
  • Friends and family – your dog is surrounded by people he probably recognises and the cost of this is often free which is by no means a bad thing! However, sometimes it can be quite a strain on relationships with the individuals if the timing of your holiday puts their regular routines in to whack.
  • Dog sharing – a couple of our friends made sure that they took holidays at different times meaning that they were always on hand to look after the others’ dogs – nice luxury but not something we can all have in our busy lives!
  • Dog lovers who provide a home from home for your pets – it can be difficult to find them sometimes but there are professional dog boarders and dog sitters who will happily take your dog into their own home. Some of them will even come and look after your dog in your home whilst you are away meaning that your dog does not leave it’s familiar surroundings.

The issue is that it can take a long time to find someone reliable to take care of your dog – and sometimes there is not enough time for you to even undertake that process.

As a result of this and our previous frustrations, we set up to make it as easy as possible for you to identify these people offering a great alternative to the kennels – who do an amazing job and are predominantly relying on word of mouth to get their services out there.

On you will be able to find a local dog sitter – someone local to you who may actually be taking care of dogs as a full time job – but most importantly, they are doing this as they love dogs first and foremost.

Using Tailster, we help you identify these people, see their profiles where they show the environment your dog will be in (most likely a much better environment than the kennels!) and allow you to get in touch with them and arrange a meet up. You will get to meet them and know that if you leave your dog with them, that your beloved pooch is getting more one on one attention than they would receive in a kennel. It will also allow you to go on your holiday with more piece of mind and at the same time allow your dog to experience something new, away from their usual surroundings.

We always recommend that you get in touch and meet with the dog boarder first – and take your dog with you to see that there is a personal fit there. You can check out where the dog will be staying and also see how they interact with any other dogs owned by the boarder – maybe they can meet and make new friends!?

We vet those promoting their services on our site and also allow them to build a reputation online to demonstrate that they can give your dog the attention they deserve whilst you are away. But you should not rely on this alone, so we always recommend that you meet before –  there is just as every chance that they may think that your dog might not feel at home when they take them in.

So don’t wait, click here to search locally to you and find someone who will be happy to take care of your dog whilst you are away. Or get in touch with us and we will happily guide you through the process of finding the perfect dog boarder.

Our favourite TV ad at the mo – McVities Digestives & Puppies

Dogs – they are everywhere – and now it seems, they are the world’s best salespeople.

Cute puppies are being used to sell everything from mobile phones to juice – but a more recent advert that we saw on the telly had us wanting more – McVities Digestives launched their recent ad full of cuteness and we wanted you to see the ad for yourselves.

Not sure what the connection is between biscuits and dogs – but we guess no less than the connection between a dog and your mobile phone contract!

Enjoy and comments below please.. – helping you find a holiday home for your dog when you go away

At tailster, we love dogs. We like many dog owners love our dogs so much, that if we could we would take our dogs with us on when we go on holiday, or more likely, we simply do not go on holiday as we don’t want to leave them behind. There are alternatives to the kennels though – and that’s why we set up – we want to help you find someone local to you who can take care of your dog when you go on holiday or when you go to work, letting them receive the one to one care and attention they deserve from a fellow dog lover and giving you peace of mind and none of that guilt you feel when leaving your dog behind on  holidays. We want you to find the most reliable dog boarders and dog sitters nearest to you.

There is of course, nothing wrong with leaving your dog in a kennel – they are convenient and you know your dog will be looked after. However, we feel that there is nothing better than your dog being able to roam around a place that is less alien than a pen with some cages, and also for them to not be thrust into a situation where they are all of a sudden surrounded by many dogs of different sizes.

So we decided to speak to these dog owners and ask them what they wanted, and whether they were aware of the professional dog boarders out there providing doggy day care and overnight stays in their own homes at prices that are often cheaper than the kennels!

Many dog owners were aware of these services but found it difficult to identify who was reliable, who had looked after many dogs before, and even more simply, who was out there that could take their beloved pooch as opposed to giving the dog to family and friends. aims to be that site that can help you find these amazing dog lovers who are happy to take your dog into their home. We therefore allow you to go off on holiday safe in the knowledge that whilst you are having fun, it is likely that your dog is too – being taken for regular walks, being cared for and having a holiday away from you!

If you need to find someone reliable to take care of your dog whether it is whilst you are on holiday or for regular walks, you are in the right place. is launching very soon and we look forward to helping you find a new friend for your dog!