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Tailster’s Top 20 Dog Names!

Here at Tailster HQ we are introduced to lots of new dogs every day. And though we haven’t necessarily been counting, some names just keep popping up. That gave us an idea… Why don’t we use our magic list making powers to create a post about the 20 most popular dog names we see here at Tailster.

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Cat Memes That Every Cat Owner Can Relate To.

Cats are notorious for having a very… unique attitude, they have a reputation on the internet of not actually caring about anyone or anything unless you know – it’s themselves. But isn’t that why we love them? They can totally look after themselves but will come for some snuggles sometimes and won’t bother you for most

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Stryker’s Pose To Freedom.

Shelters in the US are totally different to here in the UK – according to the ASPCA around 670,000 dogs are put to sleep every year in the USA, most of them are healthy and simply weren’t adopted. But organizations are now challenging this and hundreds of rescue groups who dedicate both their funds and

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15 Cutest Animal Vines – 6 second videos of pet goodness on loop

At Tailster, we’re not just about the dogs and cats! We’re alllllll about the animals. Any kind. Vine’s 6 second vids were a gateway to watching and rewatching the most heart warming animal clips. We miss them terribly, so we decided it was best to showcase the 15 cutest animal vines of all time. Here’s

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Tailster’s Most Wanted!

Want to look after dogs? And join us as a carer? Click Here. And if you need any help finding a loving pet care for your pet, you make a request below. It’s free and it only takes 30 seconds – let’s see who we can find for you.

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Funniest Dog Confessions

Here at Tailster we’re always looking for the funniest content. Finding funny dog videos, memes and pictures is what life is all about. We’re constantly laughing at them in the office! We’ve decided, after the success of a funny dog confession on FB to compile our most favourite. 1. This one confuses me, why?  

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Amelia’s day out in Islington!

Last Friday, a couple of the Tailster Team went on a little adventure around Islington, London to hand out poo bags to the the dog loving public. It was a great way for us to meet fellow dog fanatics and introduce them to Tailster – as well as giving them free stuff! Amelia, one of

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Meet The Team: Henry

Here at Tailster, we think it’s important you get to know the team so, over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting small interviews with people within the company. We think it’s a fun way to get to know Tailster a little better. If you have any further questions for Henry feel free to ask them

Meet The Team

Impressive dog fart – not silent but certainly deadly

The new delivery of Tailster branded poo bags has got us going – and the toilet humour just

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Meet Picasso – The Rescue Dog With A Unique Face

We think this chap, Picasso is a work of art. Pablo and Picasso are brothers who were born to a backyard breeder. Pablo and the rest of the litter were sold off quickly to various families, but it seems no one wanted Picasso purely because of the way his face looked. Image – Luvable Dog

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Amazing Mama dog feeds abandoned kitten

This will make your day. This is the moment that a newborn kitten who was left out in the trash by its owner, left abandoned was found by the owner of this amazing dog. What happened next was that this dog, who had just given birth, allowed the cat to feed – heartwarming stuff! And

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The Story Of Chewy

A couple of weeks ago, the story of chewy went viral – he was abandoned in an airport bathroom in the USA by his owner – who was fleeing an abusive relationship. Her note to her pup was heart-wrenching. The whole story brings to light the abuse both chewy and his owner went through, she

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10 Of Our Fav Animal Gifs

We love gifs here at Tailster, so much so, we’re making a blog post with our 10 most fav! We may do a longer list in the future, think you’ve found a better gif? Share it with us! 1. This lazy husky. We feel you.  2. This dog who doesn’t really get personal space.

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Britain Loves Dogs, Right?

The UK is known to be a nation of pet lovers, year after year survey’s show that we love dogs the most! As a nation of dog lovers – the most burning question of all time is, what dog breed is the most loved by Brits? The Kennel Club releases a yearly list of the

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