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How to Cat-proof Your Home

Do you have a cat or are you planning to get one? Whatever the case might be, unless your home is cat-proof, they could potentially be in danger. Curiosity and playfulness can get your cat into trouble, from detergent’s, sharp objects, medicines and poisonous plants. We think your cat’s safety is important and with that

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Finding Real Reviews of Dog and Cat Sitters

Why you can trust the reviews left on Tailster Unlike leaving a review on facebook or an open review site, you can always trust that the reviews on are legitimate and real. Every time. Owners are asked to provide a review after every completed booking. This could be for Cat Sitting, Dog Sitting, Dog

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10 Smartest Dog Breeds

Dogs are known as some of the intelligent animals on the planet. Whether as police and military dogs or just as friendly, cheerful and social companions. So, in no particular order – here are 10 of the smartest dog breeds around. #1 – The Papillon The Papillon. Its characteristic features are the large ears – they’re also known as the butterfly-eared dog! Representatives of the breed are very cheerful and energetic dogs that are easily trained,

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Canicross – What is it and How To Keep Fit With Your Dog

If you haven’t heard the term “Canicross” before, you might be a bit confused. Is it something related to crossfit? Well, no! Canicross is part of a group of sports, which include the active participation of dogs. Skijoring, for example, is a skiing sport that has participants attached to dogs, while skiing. Of a similar

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How Dog Walking Can Be a Career

In a cultural sense, dog walking is often related to teenagers who want to earn some extra cash. In fact, you can see this all around the media, in films and TV shows. Yet, the more you look into it, the more you will be able to realise that dog walking is in fact a

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Year of the Dog. Chinese New Year 2018.

This Chinese New Year is set to be a good one… It’s the Year of the Dog! We thought we’d have a look into why man’s best friend made it into the 12 of the zodiac animals and what it means if you were born in previous years that were also the Year of the

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Separation Anxiety – Can Tailster help?

Does your pet cry when you leave? Does your pet struggle to settle?   A Tailster dog walker and sitter could be the answer to your dog’s problems. The bond between dog and owner is one of the most remarkable partnerships in history, however some dogs seem to struggle slightly more when their owners are

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Dogs & a harness – which one is the best fit for your pooch?

Here at Tailster, we would love a world in which dogs are free to run around and explore everything around them. There are multiple dangers lingering in every corner that might be harmful to our beloved pets. In fact, even the chemicals we use to treat our roads can impact the health of our little pups.

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Why choose a cat sitter over a cattery?

There are lots of things you need to think about when you are going away. For the cat owning population, what to do with your cat whilst you are away can be a huge weight on your shoulders. Unless you have friends or family that can do the pet care, there are two options. Either

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Qualities to look for in a dog sitter

How do you find the perfect candidate for this job? Here are a list of things you might want to look for when you start chatting with carers that have quoted on your listing. Experience If previous experience and reviews/references are important factors for you maybe you should ask how much experience they have as

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How to find a trustworthy cat sitter

Want to spend the weekend out of town, but you are worried about your cat? You are probably considering hiring a cat sitter, and that’s pretty much the best choice you have. Yet, to ensure that your little pal is properly taken care of, you need to find a trustworthy sitter. There are a couple

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10 Things to Look for in a Dog Walker

Dogs are active and social. They like to explore the world and they need regular exercise. Nevertheless, in our busy schedules we often find ourselves too busy to take our pets even for a short walk, and that’s exactly why dog walking services exist. Yet, finding the perfect dog walker is no easy task. That’s


Why choose a dog boarder over a kennel

When you are on a holiday, as much as you might hate it, you often need to leave your dog with a carer. The two options you have are to either go with a home dog boarder/sitter or to leave your four-legged pal at a dog kennel. Both options have their pros and cons. Usually,

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Five Questions You Might Want To Ask Your Potential Cat Sitter

When choosing a cat sitter, a meet and greet will be a great way of helping you make a final decision. But what questions should you ask? We are here to help you out! Here are some questions you should probably ask from your potential carer.   Do you have any prior experience? If previous

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Tailsters 10 Family Friendly Dog Breeds

Every child begs their parents for a dog – they’re cute, entertaining and great company – we get it. A furry companion can teach our children about responsibility, care and much more. As a parent you have a little more to think about before agreeing to the constant nagging. First of all, which friendly dog breeds

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