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We are INLOVE with IKEA’s new furniture for cats and dogs!

IKEA have launched a new range of furniture designed specifically for our pets, and we absolutely love it! The range includes a bowl designed to encourage dogs to eat slower, and a cat hideaway resembling a treehouse. As well as your standard pet products, the Lurvig collection will also have scaled-down versions of iconic IKEA

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Felines around the world are jealous of this rescue cat’s homemade houses

This may well possibly be the cutest thing you’ll ever see. In 2011, little Tisoy was found as a stray and taken to Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group. Tisoy is a beautiful ginger cat and whilst the practice were helping to re-home him, staff fell head over heels for him and decided to keep him as

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Is it really a hazard to throw sticks for your dog…?!

A topic that always brings mixed opinions – “Is it dangerous to throw sticks for dogs?”. It is true that 1000’s of dogs all over the world catch and fetch sticks with no issues but, in the last few years, vets from all over the world have been warning pet owners of the very serious

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The funniest dogs with RDF – Resting “Doofus” Face

We’ve all heard of the term “RBF” or.. “Resting b**ch face” to describe the humans among us that look generally miserable/unhappy about EVERYTHING. But here at Tailster we would like to celebrate the up and coming trend of RDF. Resting Doofus Face. After some research on the interweb we have compiled a list of our

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Proof that dogs really are mans best friend

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend.. But do you know how long they’ve been our best friends? via GIPHY Well …. it’s been proven that the dog was the first animal to be domesticated by the Homo sapiens, and this happened before the Agricultural Revolution (so a really looooong time ago). Experts aren’t

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This little lady’s maternity shoot will make you beyond jealous – they’re perfect!

Pregnant dog, Lilica from Brazil, posed for some beautiful maternity photo’s just one day before giving birth to five healthy puppies! Four boys and one girl. All puppies have since been adopted by family and friends of the glowing mums owner! Sporting a fuschia flower necklace (complete with rhinestones!), the happy mum to be posed

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Animals Who Are Drama Queens

When you have a pet, you come to realise they each have a very unique personality and their own quirky traits. Our pets also have a tendency to become total drama queens, much to our amusement! So Tailster have rounded up 10 of our favourite dramatic animals for you to enjoy. 1. This cat who just

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20 Facts you didn’t know about dogs!

Here at Tailster we thought we knew all there was to know about dogs, but although we hate to admit it, we might not have actually known everything….. After reading through lots of interesting facts about man’s best friend, we thought we’d compile a list of our favourite facts, and those that we think you

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Why do people love Tailster?

Tailster – The dog walking service that actually walks the walk…. But what makes us different and why do people love us? We’re a friendly alternative to kennels, where your pet receives the one-to-one care and attention it deserves from our fully trusted and vetted pet carers and your cats and small furries/feathered friends can

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Why Cats Are Pretty Awesome

Cats. Most people love them, I mean they literally are the internet. We decided it was time to show just how awesome cats are! Not only are they cute fuzz balls with an attitude but they’re pretty amazing and clever too. 1. The Egyptians weren’t the first to domesticate cats Most people believe that the

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It’s International Dog Day!

It’s International Dog Day and of course, we are celebrating at Tailster HQ! It’s one of the best days of the year by far, so what have you got planned? We thought we’d give you some tips on how to spend your day celebrating all things dog. 1. Throw a party, for all the dogs in

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Tailster Pet Spotlight: Meet Amelia!

Name: Amelia Job Title: Chief Food Tester Age: 1 year and 6 days Breed: Huskador – Husky X Labrador Retriever   The fun bits Likes: Belly rubs, food, sploots and attention. She loves belly rubs and has since she was a small puppy, literally exposing her belly to anyone who shows even a slight amount of

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Tailster Pet Spotlight: Meet Duke!

The boring bits Name: Duke aka: aka Dukeface aka Dukington aka Poopington aka Duky aka Ducky aka Friend. Job Title: Cheif Wagologist Age: 3 on September 1st (he has a cake on order!) Breed: Um.. nobody actually knows! We think a GSP (german shorthaired pointer cross – but it could be anything! I’d actually love

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How Adopting Bunnies Changed This Woman’s Life Forever

Marley-Belle Quaid’s story isn’t something you read every day. It all started when she saw a post about two neglected bunnies posted by the RSPCA – these bunnies, Woodstock & Wilfred, were in dire need of a new home and had been badly neglected, needing frequent brushing and clipping to live the rest of their

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Tailster’s Top 20 Dog Names!

Here at Tailster HQ we are introduced to lots of new dogs every day. And though we haven’t necessarily been counting, some names just keep popping up. That gave us an idea… Why don’t we use our magic list making powers to create a post about the 20 most popular dog names we see here at Tailster.

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