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Why Do Dogs Suddenly Run Around?

Dogs are simple creatures. Feed them, walk them and let them sleep and they’re bound to be happy. As much as they’re calm and collected 99% of the time, for that other 1% they’ll run

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Ever thought about becoming a pet carer?

We are always on the look out for animal lovers to join Tailster and become carers.

We look after all the dull aspects – the insurance, the marketing, the website, the apps that help you prove you are doing the care, and the ratings and reviews to show you are the most trusted dog walker or cat sitter in town!

All you need to do is the taking care of the pets :-)

Not everyone is approved, but we do invite applications to become carers.



Join our 20,000 other approved dog walkers, dog boarders, dog sitters, cat sitters and small animal carers on Tailster, and earn up to £3,000 per month.

Cat related news

Why Do Cats Meow At Us?

For all you cat parents out there that spend hours asking their feline friends “why are you meowing at me?”, this article is for you! The Ancient Egyptians worshipped these curious creatures, and for good reason too… Whilst we’ll never be

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