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Group Dog Walks or Solo Walks – Which one is Best for your Dog?

There are two main ways you can walk your dog, each with its own benefits. Nevertheless, when choosing a dog carer or a dog walking professional, you have the option to choose whether you want your dog walks to be solo or whether you like the idea of group dog walks. If you can’t decide

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How to Introduce a New Puppy into your Home

There’s no better gift you can receive than a new family member. Puppies are adorable, can teach responsibility and are great companions. Yet, much like little children, dogs also need to be properly taken care of as they learn and adapt their habits from the very moment they walk into your home. With that in


Top tips for Dog walking at night time

The winter season is well under way and days are shorter than ever. This leaves you with one of two options, you are either going to take your dog out for a walk in the dark, or your beloved pet will be taking you out for a quick stroll in the dark. There’s just no way around

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Are Dogs smarter than Cats? The age old question answered!

Dog owners, Rejoice! Science has finally proven beyond a biological doubt, that our beloved canines are smarter than their feline pet counterpart. That’s right! The fact that dogs are smarter than cats has finally been made scientifically clear and defined as “the truth.” So now may be the best time to call your cousin and

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Tailsters Dog Winter Survival Guide!

Keeping your pet safe during the winter is more difficult of a task than it might seem. Here is a quick dog winter survival guide to help you out! Research and Purchase Appropriate Dog Clothing Dog breeds vary in terms of dog fur and dog hair. With that in mind, make sure to do some digging

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How to Introduce a Dog into Your Home with a Host Dog

Getting a new dog is a joy for the whole family. Yet, if you already have a dog, the welcoming process should be properly planned out. Exploring its new home, family, surroundings and getting familiar with different routines is stressful enough for a new pup. When you add in a host dog into the mix,


This Dog and Cat are the best of friends and have the best hobby!

When Cynthia and her boyfriend adopted their dog Henry back in 2014 they were already avid hikers and thanks to Henry, that passion just grew and grew. They found Henry at an adoption event when he was just 14 weeks old and already 5x bigger than all the other puppies he was with. Cynthia went


Christmas time means Cat tree mischief!

It’s that time of the year again! The Christmas cheer is here and lights are all around and your beloved cat can’t wait to take them down. That’s right! Now, dogs might be a bit scared by the obscure and needle filled, alien light, cone shaped decoration in your home but cats can’t wait to

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The Ultimate Tailster Guide to Cat Sitting

Did you know that 44% of the UK population own a pet? And of this, cats are the second most popular? Of course you did. Cats are great to have around the house. They provide us with endless amounts of joy and laughter, and are a living, breathing, pest control. With so many UK households


10 Ways To Spoil Your Pet This Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and here at Tailster we believe in spoiling our furry friends. Research suggests that more than one in three owners will spend at least £14 on gifts and costumes for their pets. We have compiled a list of 10 ways to treat your pets this christmas. 1) Christmas dinner – There is plenty


Free Hugs – Say Hello to Loubie the bonny golden retriever offering hugs!

Louboutina, or Loubie for short, has made a bit of name for herself in downtown New York. The five year-old golden retriever has been spotted standing upright on the streets of the Chelsea area, beautifully clad in a bright red walking harness, eager to embrace anyone who walks by. Loubie and her owner Cesar, a

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How to start a new Dog Walking business

Looking to start a new Dog Walking business? How can Tailster help? Have you considered becoming a dog walker and setting up your very own business? If this is the path you’ve decide to go down, here are some tips and tricks for making the most out of your new venture and how Tailster might be


WIN a Motorola Scout Traks dog GPS location and activity monitor!

Here at Tailster we’re always on the look out for great new products and we’ve found a great bit of pet tech swag you’ll love. We’re lucky enough to be able to GIVEAWAY not 1, but 4(!) of these new Motorola Scout Traks GPS location and activity monitors – a great little Christmas present to

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The Dog Owners Guide to Aylesbury

Aylesbury is a lively market town in Buckinghamshire and home to over 59,000 residents. Due to the amount

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Cigarettes and Pets – The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

Most people have heard of the term secondhand smoke and how harmful it can be. Even after brief exposure, secondhand smoke has been proven to have health effects on both adults and children. Surely these harmful toxins and chemicals would therefore have a negative effect on animals as well? Correct. Recent studies have revealed the

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