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Qualities to look for in a dog sitter

How do you find the perfect candidate for this job? Here are a list of things you might want to look for when you start chatting with carers that have quoted on your listing. Experience If previous experience and reviews/references are important factors for you maybe you should ask how much dog sitting experience they

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How to find a trustworthy cat sitter

Want to spend the weekend out of town, but you are worried about your cat? You are probably considering hiring a cat sitter, and that’s pretty much the best choice you have. Yet, to ensure that your little pal is properly taken care of, you need to find a trustworthy sitter. There are a couple

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10 Things to Look for in a Dog Walker

Dogs are active and social. They like to explore the world and they need regular exercise. Nevertheless, in our busy schedules we often find ourselves too busy to take our pets even for a short walk, and that’s exactly why dog walking services exist. Yet, finding the perfect dog walker is no easy task. That’s


Why choose a dog boarder over a kennel

When you are on a holiday, as much as you might hate it, you often need to leave your dog with a carer. The two options you have are to either go with a home dog boarder/sitter or to leave your four-legged pal at a dog kennel. Both options have their pros and cons. Usually,

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Five Questions You Might Want To Ask Your Potential Cat Sitter

When choosing a cat sitter, a meet and greet will be a great way of helping you make a final decision. But what questions should you ask? We are here to help you out! Here are some questions you should probably ask from your potential carer.   Do you have any prior experience? If previous

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Tailsters 10 Family Friendly Dog Breeds

Every child begs their parents for a dog – they’re cute, entertaining and great company – we get it. A furry companion can teach our children about responsibility, care and much more. As a parent you have a little more to think about before agreeing to the constant nagging. First of all, which breed is right

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Warning issued to dog walkers on beaches due to poisoned fish

A grieving pet owner is warning other dog walkers to keep a close eye on their pets when walking on beaches after several dogs have been poisoned. Mike Hamilton took his dogs Hattie and Bramble for a walk to a beach in Norfolk just after Christmas.  Both dogs had been picking up and eating bits


Finding the perfect cat sitter in London

Whether going on a holiday or if you just need someone to take care of your cat during your long working hours, finding a cat sitter is usually the better choice. Nevertheless, with so many cat sitting businesses in London and freelance professionals, how do you choose the best of the best? Here at Tailster, we have

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10 Things to look for in a cat sitter

Going on a vacation? Live alone and need someone to take care of your cat? In both cases, you should be on the lookout for a cat sitter. Yet, finding the perfect individual is not that much of a straightforward process. That’s why we’ve gathered these 10 things to look for in a cat sitter

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What questions should I ask a potential dog walker?

When finding a dog walker on Tailster we always advise you to meet up before you commit to booking through the site – this is a great way to see whether the walker is right for you and your dog and, to discuss extra detail about what you really need. The ‘interview’ process is one

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Tiggy the cat miraculously survives 30-minute wash cycle!

Here at Tailster we’re amazed to hear of nine-month-old Tiggy and how he somehow survived a 30-minute cycle in a washing machine – we just had to share it with you! Poor Tiggy was pulled out of the machine drum by owner Rae Sutton, not breathing and motionless. His shocked owner gave the cat mouth-to-mouth

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Puppy Socialisation Classes – Are they worthwhile?

Puppies start exploring the world around them as soon as they first open their eyes. They are curious, joyous and playful. Learning quickly, puppies need to be aware of what the appropriate social norms are for a dog when around people and other dogs. The lack of interaction can lead to aggressive or antisocial behaviour

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4 Signs your Dog Misses you…

At Tailster we know that pets are often just as attached to us as we are to them. This is especially true for dogs. Our four-legged pals might seem happy all the time, but they do miss us when we are gone. When we are away on a holiday or at work, leaving someone to

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Arthritis in Dogs – How Much Dog Walking is a Good Idea?

We are all aware that our fellow four-legged friends age rather quickly. And much like their human counterparts, dogs also suffer from certain common problems and diseases when they get older. Often, if your dog starts showing signs that it’s not enjoying the dog walk and returns with stiffness or each lie down is accompanied

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Thousands of Dogs and Cats Killed Each Year by Salt and Antifreeze

Here at the Tailster blog, we strive to deliver useful content that either brings a smile to your face or inform you about a certain matter that we feel is important. And when we came across this discovery, we just had to share. Despite how grim this issue is, you just have to know –

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